Thursday, December 22, 2005


Rest,'s all in sight for this little sheepie! The day before the holiday break is always a long one. The kids are excited, (in my neck of the woods most celebrate Christmas and are anxious as all get-out anticipating the arrival of the man in red.) the staff is pretty much wiped out and in need of Xanax drips, and many of the aforementioned are sick with whatever holiday bug is making the rounds. Next we add in big old parties, sing-along assemblies and desk-clean outs. It all adds up to chaos. Yet it is a fun day if you can just keep repeating to yourself, "I do it for the children, I do it for the children..." They really are quite dear when they aren't sobbing over imagined slights (or outright slights) from peers, or shuddering both outwardly and inwardly over whatever holiday hell is happening in their homes in this, the most stressful time 'o the year. There really is nothing like the look on one of my little guy's faces when he brings in a hand-wrapped candle that he picked out just for me at the local dollar store. My class is made up of kids who have some pretty significant emotional and behavioral disabilities so, when they take the time to give a gift from the heart, it can really make a tough day brighter.

This little foray into the world of harps and violins notwithstanding, the sheep is grateful for this little respite. I know, I know, teachers have it made: vacations up the wazoo, but it's really a grueling type of job and one that requires vigilance for 6 straight hours per day. In my case, I don't get lunch breaks or preparatory periods. I stay with the kiddos for the duration and hope my bladder holds out. I find that this is a bit more difficult now that I'm in the "middle years!" I think the best part of this vacation will be the freedom to decide when I need to pee.

And, of course, to knit and spin to my heart's content. I'm finished with one of the fingerless mitts:

And have the second well underway. Of course, I managed to start the colorway in the wrong spot so they won't match exactly, but I don't care. The sheep likes to talk with her hooves so the mitts will be moving so fast nary a soul will notice!

And, the knitted neckwarmers I cranked out for staff gifts were a big hit. Everyone loved them. Now I can feel perfectly justified in finishing projects just for little ol me! I found a sweater pattern in an older issue of "Vogue Knitting." Perhaps....

Well, I'm off to start the salute to me and whatever I feel like doing for the next few days!! Perhaps I'll feel like blogging...perhaps not. Before I sign out, though, here's a shout-out to
Knit Annie and her new blog. Thanx for taking the time to stop by my little site! Your stuff looks great!

Peace Out!


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