Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This Scarf Brought To You By Vicodin!

Even while heavily medicated, I managed to knock out a neck-warmer for the holiday gift season. I'm also using this as the excuse for my incredibly messy kitchen. It's funny how you don't notice these things until they show up in a photograph. I'd dearly love to blame this on the pain-killers as well, but the simple fact of the matter is that I am a slob.

The sheep is still working with the crap-bag camera so the shots continue to be less than award-winning. The neck-warmer is done in Wool-Ease Chunky as a long strip then twisted and seamed up the back. I've added the buttons to ease my guilt over such a simple project. I will make sure that this one goes to a non-knitter so that they can marvel over my skills while I hang my head in shame in front of the knitters who started their crafting earlier and aren't frantically trying to finish up their gifts.

On that note, it seems like I should be signing off and getting back to work. I foolishly squandered an hour of my evening working out on the stupid Lateral Thigh Trainer and weights in order to compensate for my Thanksgiving respite from sweat. The pictures I saw from the family gathering were enough to make me realize that I needed to stick with my self-torture regiment. More on that another time!!!!!

Have a great evening,


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