Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back to school...

Well, the first day back in the classroom went well and it looks like the staff issues are resolving themselves. (Thanks to my innate ability to ignore anything remotely resembling an uncomfortable situation and pretend that all is fine. Denial is a beautiful thing...others just seem to follow suit) It looks like we're back in business. Still workin' on that resume, though!

Today was my first day Vicodan-free after last weeks nightmare root canal. 4 hits of novacaine and at least another 4 "locals" administered directly to the tooth and I still felt every rotation of the damn drill. The only good part was the medication...

Not much exciting of the needles right now. I'm working on a skinny scarf with Classic Elite's Commotion. My stylist stole mine the last time I went in for a trim so I figured I'd better make one just for her. She's in charge of my color and, quite frankly, a little scary to me. My next appointment is on Christmas Eve so it might be nice to have a gift in hand to ensure natural highlights.
Once again,the color is way off. This little number is actually in purple if you can believe it. The needles are a size 1 that I made using a Skacel double pointed set. I glued some polymer clay beads on the end and created just the right size needle. Been wondering what to do with all those frigging beads I made during the "polymer years."

This weekend, the baking starts for Christmas. I've gotten much better about amounts. In past years it just wouldn't be the holidays without millions of cookies taking up valuable freezer space better devoted to Lean Cuisine. Now I tend to stick to pumpkin bread for friends and yeast breads for the family. Easy to do, easy to clean, easy to act like I slaved over a hot stove. Image is everything in this business.

Stay Cool, (or warm depending on where you are!)

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I read your blog. It was interesting. Blogging is fun.