Sunday, November 27, 2005

Third Time's The Charm!

Well, this looks a bit better! The first picture is the Lincoln/metallic blend that will soon be my winter cardigan. The color is way off (it's actually watermelon not cat-puke) but you can see the sparklies!
This here's my first shot at rug-hooking. It's a kit from Harrisville and worked up quickly...of course the whole thing's only 5x7 inches, but it still felt like an accomplishment!

OOOOOHHH! Christmas scarves! Not much, I realize. Still, when you give them to non-knitters they feel like they've been gifted by a true genius!

Next rug! OK, it's my first attempt at designing and it lacks what you might call "inspiration," but I'm fond of my little jumping sheepie! I simply had to include my new hook in the that Menos!!!

Whew! I'm now feeling like I've "shared" in the manner of a true blogger. I promise that, in the future, I shall refrain from multiple posts in single days. Oh, who one's really reading this at this point anyway :)


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missemilysmom said...

Totally love it!!!
Heasther aka Missemilysmom