Saturday, November 26, 2005

Well, the sheep has joined the herd and started her very own blog! After spending so much of my life living vicariously through the posts of others it seemed like it was time to give the world a chance to experience the joy that is me. Or to roll their eyes and tell all their friends about this foolish thing they stumbled across over the weekend. Don't lie...some of you out there will do this. It's all part of the blog experience.

I am a spinner and a knitter from Maine. I have also recently added traditional rug-hooking to my list of passions (read here: addictions). I have flirted with weaving several times over the years, but it never seems to hold my interest. Maybe when I grow up...

I am looking forward to developing this blog as part of my fiber experience. Please be patient as I work through the newness of it all. (notice how I write this as if I have thousands of readers, all of whom are clamoring for tidbits about my life and thoughts!) Would love to stay and write some more, but the cats are calling and I know better than to ignore them at dinner time. We "spin" -sters must adhere to certain schedules!


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