Sunday, March 26, 2006

You're A Dirty, Dirty Sheep

No, not me...sheesh. I'm not dirty. I'm as pure as the driven snow. Well, driven over snow. In March. When it's sort of on the gray side. Whatever. I'm not talking about my issues here. I'm referring to Jacob. I spent some time carding and spinning this fleece today and am finding more and more VM as the process lingers on. I started out diligently picking out each and every fragment, but I fear that it is getting the best of me. As we may have all surmised by now, The Sheep is not exactly "detail oriented." Quite a bit of it is coming out through the processing and as it's being spun, but I'm still feeling grateful for my foresight in keeping a pair of tweezers near the wheel. I'm still going to end up with a bit of the old flora and fauna in the final product. Oh well. This was an eBay win and reasonably priced for the quality. And it was washed. I'm good with it. Of course, I've had to vacuum three times over the last day and a half. And that's not exactly something The Sheep is known for either!

I've also spent more time playing with the Make It Fun Bead/Crochet gizmo. As stated in the previous post, I think that the "fun" aspect of this item was somewhat exaggerated. For one thing, the beads that came with the kit, being itsy, bitsy, little seed beads, were no way going to fit over the provided cord. This necessitated a trip to the local WalMart for a thinner beading elastic. (I actually have some here somewhere, but finding it was another story) Once at the store, it seemed logical to purchase more beads as they were right there and all. I tried to use some restraint, but the whole thing ended up costing more than the original kit. Oh, well. I did get some genuine amusement out of the experience (and a new watch as I was at WalMart anyway...) so I consider the experiment a success.

Stunning little wrist adornments, wouldn't ya say?
So there you have it: The Sheep's wild weekend. Please try to contain your envy. Not everyone can maintain this lifestyle. It takes a commitment to one's inner animal and massive doses of vit. B12.
Consult your physician prior to starting any exciting lifestyle program.

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mrichme said...

Your weekend was more productive than mine. I'm glad your getting good use out of the Academic Decathlon $$$. You definitely put in hard sweat and tears (okay not this year and this makes up for all of the other years) into your work.