Friday, March 17, 2006

This Morning's Guest Blogger:

It's me!
Desdemona here. Just wanted to pop online and let everyone know that Mommy is now home from her dentist appointment. Persephone wanted to do this post, but I informed her that I am older and, quite frankly, smarter. She can't spell. It's true. It simply makes more sense for me to take care of this little piece of business. Mommy needs some recovery time before she attempts to share this experience. I made this decision after listening to her mumble several choice comments through her numb, mushy mouth regarding her appointment. I have done the research and anything she might have to say at this point will put us all in the middle of a large libel suit. She just needs to get some Advil into her system and settle down a bit. She'll be fine.
As near as I could tell (and translating her rantings was quite the challenge, I must say) this was a somewhat painful appointment given the location of the fillings and the inability of the novacaine to fully penetrate the bone mass in her jaw. Trouper that she is, she refused further pain killers and urged the good doctor to soldier on. Significant pressure was placed on the same area of the jaw that took a bit of a beating during the crown application a couple of months ago and this has also caused her some discomfort. Otherwise, everything went according to plan and Mommy is officially finished with the dental repair.
Having completed my on-line obligations, I shall now retire to my favorite chair for a well-deserved four hour nap. I will leave the nurturing and caregiving aspects of the day to my adopted (under my strenuous objections) sister as this is more within her skill set. Spelling and grammar are not required in this endeavor.
Best Wishes To All,

Lyer. I can too spel. I was just bizzy checking out this patern!


missemilysmom said...

I am truely glad you survived!! See you Monday!

camadsmom said...

Hey Desi - You did a great job. Hoe do type with all that fur between you toes? Glad to hear that your mom has finished the dental horrors. Let her rest and recover for the weekend.