Thursday, March 02, 2006

Because My Pain Seems To Bring You Pleasure:

Ah, do we all remember the halcyon days of the "dental posts?" The whimpering? The whining? The obsessing about how horrible the next appointment was going to be? And who among us could forget the post appointment wrap-up? You know, where The Sheep goes on and on about how badly she was treated and how she regrets that she ever grew teeth?

Well, by popular demand: Appointment #6!!!!!

Yes, that's right. On March 17, The Sheep will be dragging her wooly little hindquarters back to Dr. DeSade, DMD for yet another session in the chair of doom. Those of you new to this little dramady known as my blog may want to wander over to the archives to see just how often I have posted on this subject. I'm obsessed...seriously.

I know, I know. I said that Dr. DeSade and I were "on a break," free to see other people, reflect on our time together, think about what we really want from this relationship, yada, yada, yada. But I've been having some technical difficulty with the last round of fillings. As they were on the left side of my mouth, I have had to resort to chewing on the right side in order to partake of nourishment. Oh, but wait! Something seems to be going horribly awry with the crown that I had put in lo those many months ago. Basically, everything is fine unless I attempt the following: consuming hot food or liquid; consuming cold food or liquid; going outside in the winter weather; inhaling; exhaling. Any of these activities will result in my now super-sensitive teeth singing out in their discomfort at a level heretofore unbeknownst to me.

So, I sucked it up (gently to avoid any air passing over my teeth) and called Dr. Desade's office. I made the appointment for the next round of torture. That was a month ago. (give or take) I was told not to worry about the sensitivity as I probably just needed to have one of the fillings "taken down a bit." That's's only basic life functions that seem to give me trouble. I'm sure I'll be fine. Don't worry about me...wait, you weren't? Oh, well then we're fine, I guess. See you on the 17th. I'm off to go get all that blood work done because I may be anemic from the lack of nourishment since November. (BTW: those tests came back today and I'm fine...yay!)

To take my mind off the whole upcoming drilling, I decided to go ahead and enter Jay's Blogoversity Challenge. While I actually do have a few of the technical skills required to compete at this level, I fear that my inability to focus on any one project for any length of time and willingness to live with certain errors in basic math will not exactly put me in the running for first place here. Competent and conscientious knitters should rush to sign up. If I'm your competition, you are certain to do well, trust me! Hey, tis all in fun and will maybe help The Sheep to complete an FO that is, for once, not just a scarf!!!!


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