Wednesday, March 22, 2006

It Would Have Been Quite Charming.

The Sheep had quite the cute little post planned for tonight. Pictures of the cats welcoming Mommy home after parent/teacher conferences, my feet in comfy slippers, a few Dove dark chocolates...all to show my happiness at finally arriving at the homestead after this very, very long day. It would have been oh so witty.

Except that Blogger is not cooperating with me. No photos and I suspect I will be lucky to even get this up on them Internets at all. It is what it is...

mrichme expressed concern regarding my two day absence in his last post. All is well, I've just been a bit busy with school-related stuff. There has been little in the way of knitting and spinning, just alot of paperwork and cat comforting. The babies do not do well with changes in routine. And they may still be just a wee bit hung over after their three day catnip bender. I swear to God I heard Desdemona drunk-dialing Cat Fancy magazine and offering to be the April centerfold. I asked about it, but she just looked embarrassed and slunk away.

It has been a super-long day and I'm ready to say a hearty, "nighty night to all!" I am too wiped to even care that my clever blog posting has been thwarted and that I have been forced to resort to cat jokes in order to have something to share. Perhaps tomorrow I'll do a bit better...

I'm off to count...well...sheep, I guess!

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