Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Mini Stashbuster.

The Sheep had a wee bit of the "rhymes with bed-fart" yarn left after completed the ribby vest as well as a strong desire to use these wicked cool new Brittany cable needles:

Purchased at the demise of my LYS (RIP)
She also found a smidgen of Caron Feathers lying about. Yeah, that's right. I bought Caron Feathers. And I knit a poncho with it. Ya wanna make somethin of it? At any rate, in true stashbustin' fashion, I cobbled together a simple pattern and whipped up a cute little headband:

What Fun!

Simple Recipe: With worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles, cast on 18 stitches. On the right side, knit across. On the wrong side, knit 6, purl 6, knit 6. Since I already had kind of a "six" thing going, I opted to place the cables every 6th row. (OK, the first one was on the fifth cuz that's where the right side was at the time. Whatever...) Continue until the band is long enough to fit comfortably, but snugly, around the head. Allow a bit more for the seaming strategy of your choice. Cast off. With a suitably fluffy-floofy contrasting yarn and an appropriately sized hook (I used a K) Single crochet one row along each long side. Seam and feel like you've successfully busted a bit of stash.

I may actually stockpile a few of these for quickie holiday gifts. It only took me a day to complete and very little yarn.

On the Cookie Front, I have successfully stuck to my plan of attack and have eaten the Caramel Delights into submission. I'm a bit nauseas at this point, so I might need to rest before the organized onslaught of the "Thanks-Alot" crunchy, fudge-coated treats, but I'm thinking that I can make a dent before the Monday-Friday commitment to healthy eating kicks in.

mmmm...Girl Scout Cookies and Stash-busting. What a delightful weekend!


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