Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'll Miss Those Slippers.

Look away...I'm so ashamed.
Tuesday was a bit better than Monday. I was only down one staff person and the kiddies, while still on the grumpy side, held it together for yet another day. However, a plague has been visited upon our little corner of the educational world and I fear that we are in the midst of an "and then there were none" sort of situation. Today child #3 was stricken with the dreaded flu. It's the bad kind. The one that sits deep in your digestive system and leads one in a rousing rendition of the crabapple two-step. They're dropping like flies. It's only a matter of time. I can feel these little microbial thingies settling in. And this is a virus, people. Nonliving and immune to antibacterial hand-wash. I will be making many, many promises to whatever powers that be in order to avoid being stricken with this.
The Sheep was feeling some gratitude upon being able to vacate the plague room and return to the safety of hearth and home. A present awaited. I didn't discover it until after the nightly workout and was getting ready to slip into my comfy jammies and cozy slippers. A certain, special someone had apparently experienced some gastrointestinal difficulties today and opted to purge herself on my slippers. I have mentioned in other posts that this little darling has some digestive problems and often needs to purge the old tum-tum. But my slippers? I mean, really. This seems a bit more personal. I'm seeking out a good therapist...she clearly has mother issues. Or kitty bulimia. Either way, we need help here.
Tonight, however, we shall put this matter aside and spend more time with the never-ending rug project.

It's coming along. I think I can have it finished in time for my 102nd birthday party. Maybe.

Returning to the quilting hoop was truly the way to go. As I hook with yarn vs. wool strips, the gripper thingies on the other frame were just tearing out anything they touched. If I'd just stuck with the smaller design, all would have been well. But I got ambitious. This doesn't happen all that often so I'm going with it. Note: "real" rug-hookers out there are just shaking their heads at this point and going, "remember when we were that innocent and stupid?" I'm good with that, too. Someday, I hope to be experienced enough at this to look at the novices and harken back to the days when I embarked all willy-nilly on projects outside my skill level. Until then, I shall carry on with this little number and work that learning curve!

You'd think said learning curve would have kicked in with regard to where I keep my slippers. I've been replacing them with some degree of regularity for years now.


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