Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Conversations With The Sheep:

10:15 a.m.

Cute Little First Grader: Ms. Sheep, are you ever gonna get married?

Sheepish Annie: Probably not. Are you?

CLFG: Um, well...I'm only six.

SA: I'll bet no one has ever asked you that. And do you know why?

CLFG: 'Cuz I'm six?

SA: Well, yeah, that...and you're a male. No one cares if the male of the species gets married. But women? Oh, we're expected to be all settled down by the time we're thirty. It's still a patriarchal society, I tell ya!

CLFG: .....

SA: Of course, I am officially "middle-aged" at this point. I probably should be thinking about my future and all. I mean, what if I fall and break a hip or something? Who's going to bring me my Mountain Dew and Cosmo?

CLFG: Can I go play now?

SA: I suppose I could marry for money. And insurance. Insurance is very important. I'm simply amazed at how quickly things seem to fall apart once you reach a certain age. Yeah, I'd definitely consider getting married for a good health plan.

Note: At this point, The Sheep is really just muttering to herself in the middle of the classroom as The Cute Little First Grader has wandered off to the Lego area.

Poor little guy. I guess they all need to learn that there are certain loaded questions out there that are best left alone. Someday he'll thank me, I'm sure.

Despite the forced self-examination, The Sheep was grateful to come home to a quiet house with nothing but kitty cats to get in the way of the routine. Having returned several phone calls to parents after the kiddies trundled home put a bit of a crimp in the usual sequence of events. Ever willing to multi-task, I opted to sew the shoulder seams of my now-repaired stashbuster project while pedaling away to nowhere on the exercise bike. This was probably not the best way to get this done, but it saved me some time and took my mind off the monotony of "better living through fitness."

I'm hoping to have this first project completed by the weekend so that I can forge ahead with project #2. We'll see...I'm sure it would be nice to actually show a completed knitting project in this, my knitting blog!

'Cause otherwise it's continued blather about dead power cords and curious first graders!



mrichme said...

If that lucky man doesn't come into the Sheepish world I'm sure CamMad would be willing to get your Mt. Dew and Cosmo! You left off the chocolate. Who is going to bring you the chocolate?

I agree on your first point. The only time the male is asked about marriage is when they are in that "exclusive" relationship and people, okay females, ask so when are you getting married.

Sheepish Annie said...

Chocolate is not a problem. Broken hip, coma, hangnail...I will crawl if need be.

camadsmom said...

I now a guy in Ethiopia who might be the right guy. Ill get back with name and address.