Sunday, March 19, 2006

Napping, Noshing, Knitting And A Clarification.

First, the clarification:

The Stoned Knitter, after reading my last post, is contemplating canceling her upcoming dentist appointment for the weight loss benefits. Let me be clear. Prior to beginning this saga, my teeth were pain-free and I could have eaten rocks should the urge hit me. (this could have been part of the problem...) It was only after going to the sadist, I mean dentist, that I had to cut back on little things like eating solid food. Weight loss followed. There is nothing to be gained (so to speak) through ignoring your dental health, Mia. So sorry. Just go. Trust me on this...

With that out of the way, here's how I spent the weekend:

There was some work on the next Stashbuster project. This is, at the moment, destined to be a sweater. However, should something go terribly awry, I do have a back-up plan. I love the color combo so very much that I'm willing to salvage it no matter what the cost to my mental health.

This will consist of roughly one of every skein in the house!
A tiny bit of spinning occurred early in the day, but I didn't stick with it for long. I'm hoping to get in a bit more wheel time tonight during prime time TV viewing: looks exactly the same as the last time I posted a picture of the Jacob.

Mostly, though, I did this:

Laying around on the couch with a cat...this is the life! Dontcha just love the "nap hair?"

I did venture to the kitchen periodically to snag some Girl Scout cookies. I don't care if there is pain in the choppers. I've worked my way down to the primo, bestest of the bunch, super favorite Thin Mints and I'm eating them whether the dental work says I can or not!!! Sometimes a Sheep just has to stick to her principles.

And that's all she wrote. It's back to work tomorrow for this old Sheep. We're in countdown mode to April Vacation and then it's a short hop to the summer break. Alot of work needs to get done between now and then, but the promise of sun and fiber sustains me.

We'll just pretend that I don't also have a dentist appointment in July. That should be time enough for my mouth to heal before we start this again.


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Mia said...

::laughing:: I haven't actually cancelled the appt yet.. but now that I can think about possible weight loss as a result of visiting the sadist (yes, sheepie, my dentist is a clone of yours) I'm kind of looking forward to going!