Monday, March 20, 2006

Judgment Error.

The kitties were awfully good while Mommy was recovering this weekend. They deserved a special little treat. So she bought them a new "Super Scratcher" complete with catnip infusion:

It started out well...

...but soon degenerated into something of a stand-off.

Eventually, they worked it out and were able to figure out a complicated schedule of usage that allowed for individual enjoyment. It makes a mother so proud.

Until she realizes that this means that, at all times, at least one cat is tweaked out of her ever-lovin' mind on the great green herb. There was great unrest in the Sheep household. That was fine. It was actually quite entertaining. Until bedtime.

Kitty Krack combined with the Sheep's natural tendency towards Sandman resistance on a Sunday night did not slumber make, I'm afraid. I normally don't doze off anywhere near my usual bed time on the last night of the weekend, but I can generally manage to get in 6 hours or so. Not last night. Between those two little druggies, I got about 2 hours. Maybe 2 and a half. This is not good. Not good at all. The poor little kiddies in my class were subjected to random schedule changes throughout the day as I couldn't seem to tell time. My staff heard the same stories over and over...(and over) as I couldn't remember which pearls of wisdom I had already shared. I lost one of the little buggers for almost thirty minutes and almost freaked out until I remembered that I had sent him to the nurse's office for a cootie check. Yeesh! I did survive the day with the same number of children with which I started (more or less...) and was able to drive home on auto-pilot without incident. I even got in the usual work-out although I must admit that it was less vigorous than it should have been. I suspect that I will be tucked into my little bed quite early tonight. There will be little in the way of daily fiber therapy.

And I'm hiding that damn Super Scratcher!!!!!


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