Thursday, March 30, 2006

Damn It, Jim. I'm A Knitter Not A Family Practitioner!

Here's a health tip: keep fresh batteries in your thermometer. Had I done that I might have known sooner that I was running a bit of a temperature yesterday. 102 to be exact. As The Sheep normally sports something like 78 degrees and change this is something of an increase.

Here's another tip: Over the counter remedies like Advil will make said temperature go back down and one will be less likely to spend the day whimpering with the yuckies and publishing blog posts extolling the virtues of ginger ale.

We're feeling much better now. I took today off as I was still a tad feverish this morning, but am heading back towards "normal" just in time for the weekend. Fearing that this might be my last few hours on earth, however, I broke my vow to avoid the siren song of the sock yarn. I cast on for a pair of "Slouch Socks" from the new book that landed in my house last weekend.

The ribbing is in sort of a "spiraly" pattern. Most cool!
Other than my newly discovered medical knowledge, this represents the bulk of what was accomplished today. I'll head back into the classroom/Petri dish tomorrow to see what, if anything, is left standing. I'm pretty sure that I'll be able to make it to job #2 after that and then settle in for the weekend. And this is one weekend where there will be no guilt associated with just staying in like a hermity recluse!
Even the memory of these last few days is enough to make me feel too grossy-grossout to be seen in public!!!!


Mia said...

Hi Sheepie!
So glad you're feeling better..! Nothing like starting a fresh, new sockie to get you back in the swing of things!

missemilysmom said...

It sounds like me today!! 102... terrible!! Except my fever finally broke about an hour ago... I lost my voice mostly and probably will not head back in tomorrow since I am so sore I can barely walk....

mrichme said...


If you escape without the cough consider yourself lucky! I'm still fighting the cough. Have a great weekend.