Monday, March 27, 2006

Mondays...Whaddaya Gonna Do?

Yeah, yeah...The Sheep complains alot on Mondays. Really. She does. Go check the archives. I'll wait right here.

You can see it, right? I'm aware of the whining and fussing. I just can't seem to stop. And today is not going to be anything remotely resembling an exception. "Cuz I really thought I had this one licked.

I fought the urge to stay up for Grey's Anatomy. It was the one where the two people were impaled together by a metal pole and only one could be saved. I found this one particularly gut-wrenching the first time through and, knowing what was going to happen made it easy to put my sleepy little self to bed at a more reasonable hour. The lunch was made, clothes were chosen, I even had the coffee ready to go.

I figured out that I had enough gas for the commute and headed out, determined to be right on time and with an outlook sunny enough to lure retirees right out of Florida. Yup, I hads me a plan. It was gonna be a good day if it killed me.

Well, it almost killed me, but it was not that good. I got the first message upon arrival: Staff person #1 had called in sick. No problem. Staff person #2 was there and #3 was on her way. Except she wasn't. She'd left a message on the machine and was at home with the yuckies. Inwardly chanting some nonsense about being in my happy place, I joked with staff person #2 about our predicament and how we might be challenged on this day.

"Well, you will be. I have to leave at noon today, remember?"

Uh, no. I'd actually forgotten that. Change of plans. It's going to be a bad day. Period. I know, I know: teachers teach alone every single day of the week the world around. But this is a Day Treatment Program. These kids get cases of the grumpies that sometimes require self-defense moves. And there is a range from grades first through fourth. This was going to be tricky to say the very least. Thankfully, that's why the good Lord invented VCRs. Educational Videos Rock!!!!!!!!

I survived the day with only a couple of bruises to the shins and mild dehydration. (no bathroom breaks when it's All Sheep, All The Time Education, liquids rationed accordingly)I managed to slog through the Monday workout routine and feed the cats. I've rehydrated and started to put some time in on the Reflecting Hearts Rug. There has been great progress on this and I'd dearly love to show you a picture but, alas, Blogger is having it's weekly "Thwart The Sheep" tantrum and isn't gonna let that happen. Ah, well. You can wait.

I'm guessing that this will be an early night given the day's stresses and whatnot. But first, there will be a few Dove Dark Chocolates to ease the pain.

I work to support my habit (s). I'm not ashamed of it.


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