Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stashbuster #1...Finito!!!!

Still a few ends to weave, but it's done! The Sheep's ongoing quest to find uses for those odds, ends and questionable purchases has resulted in a heavily ribbed, super-duper vest:

And it only took four attempts to get a photo that didn't include curious cats!

The yarn? Well, here's the thing: The Sheep is often "gifted" with yarns she doesn't ordinarily use. Or she buys a lesser expensive brand with the intention of "test knitting" a pattern before investing in something pricier for the project. And who are we kidding here? When have I ever tested something????? At any rate, I had me some embarrassingly cheap yarn that I figured I could use up for this. Won't divulge the name, but let's just say it rhymes with "bed fart."

Still and all, it actually came out kind of cute. It fits pretty well and I'm seeing it with jeans and a men's white oxford. Doesn't in any way shape or form suddenly turn The Sheep into the model from Vogue Knitting International (winter 04-05) but if I close my eyes and think waif-y thoughts, perhaps I can at least fool my own little self!

So we're off to weave in a few ends and bask in the afterglow of the FO high. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm planning a marathon search for a new Bubba Keg coffee mug with cord to replace my dearly departed. Sadly, my local Walmart was unable to accommodate my needs today and I must go on something of a mythical quest in order to satisfy my yearning for heated coffee in the comfort of my vehicle.

Onward, ho!!



knitannie said...

That's awesome! I love it. Perhaps I haven't being paying attention but did that FO just creep up on us?

missemilysmom said...

Great Job!!

Love it!! Have a GREAT Weekend!! Good luck in the coffee cup search....