Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Am Weak.

I have yarn and fiber coming out of my ears. I have committed myself to a series of projects designed to decrease the amount of fluffy stuff currently closing in on me and sworn that I shall buy no more until this is accomplished. I am flirting with the idea of quitting my job as I simply don't see the situation improving anytime soon. I owe thousands of dollars courtesy of my friendly neighborhood dentist. Saving is not my forte.

It, therefore, seemed perfectly logical that I do a KnitPicks order. I sort of wanted to blame each and every one of you who has recently posted a sock picture as I suddenly have this deep-seated itch to create foot coverings all the live long day. But that would be unfair. I simply couldn't fight the urge. I recently received an unexpected "windfall" courtesy of Maine Academic Decathalon (they paid me for my volunteer scoring duties...I have no idea why) and just had to keep the cash from burning a hole in my checking account.

There will be socks 'n such I tells ya!
I did manage to stop fondling it after the first hour or so and force myself to put this stuff out of sight in the spare bedroom. Hopefully I can fight the sock urge long enough to complete at least one of the WIPs currently on the needles. At the moment, I am back to work on The Great Shawl Experiment. Folks who see this in "real time" all seem impressed. Yet I can't seem to get a decent photo of the thing. I'm going to wait until completion for the unveiling on this one blogolistically speaking. I can tell you that it is very soft and drapey and, while I have absolutely no idea where in this world I might have need of a shawl, it will be a mighty purty, if unworn, garment.
In "Make It Fun" news: it appears that the promised "fun" may have been something of an exaggeration. I'm still fiddlin' with it, but it does work and is moderately amusing. I guess that you get the fun you pay for. Let this be a lesson to you all. The cats have been giving me "I told you so" looks all day.

You have completely and utterly lost your mind. I will be parked in your unmade bed and shedding on your pillow until you come to your senses. Good luck with that.

Feline logic is cruel. And correct.


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Sonja said...

So, Sheepish Annie, does that book really have a pattern for a split-toe sock?