Sunday, March 05, 2006

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Here's me thinking that pretty much everyone must be sick and tired of hearing about my knitting errors. That's fair. I'm sick of making them. This is what I get when I try to rush through the end of a project when I'm tired or distracted. My latest "stash-buster"project looked fine until I cast off and started putting her together. The error is fixable, but will require some intensive stitch-pickin'. We've put that aside for a moment as it seemed that The Sheep was entertaining thoughts of yarnicide. If you get busted for that it's solitary confinement with access only to plastic needles and patterns for toilet tissue cozies. And the jumpsuits...*shudder*

It could have been a lost day productivity-wise, however The Sheep took the high road and a page from Knit Annie's book as she undertakes her Domestic Goddess challenge. KA is working her way through a series of recipes in order to achieve this lofty title and will not veer from her course even when her online cohorts give her permission to change the rules. Thus, The Sheep returned to her old buddy, Lincoln.

Yes, it is finally plied. Persephone is showing her usual level of enthusiasm.
Two skeins shown, another blocking and a mere few remnants remaining on the bobbins. satisfying. The last little bits can either be plied or saved as singles for my mini weaving projects or as sock yarn. Or I could ply them up. Whatever. The bulk of it is done and I can finally begin to look to the next spinning adventure. Those rolags of springy, squishy Jacob are just calling my name. Yes, inanimate objects in my home speak to me...what of it?
I even got some laundry done, emptied the dishwasher, vacuumed and wiped one layer of grime off the kitchen cabinets. Domestic Goddess? No. Satisfied for the moment? Yup.
I do believe I have earned a wee bit of chocolate!


mrichme said... can eat Schwetti Balls!

knitannie said...

That goddessness of the domestic kind if I've ever read it!

Mia said...

Oh wow.. that's some bee-you-ti-ful yarn! I can see the shine from here!