Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When Did Drinking Water Become A Physical Challenge?

Since the holiday break from school, The Sheep has noted some "slackage" in her commitment to good health habits. We've managed to reestablish the workout routine and are back to salads and fruit while at school during the day, but can't seem to break out of the Mountain Dew deluge. I do so love the stuff...even the diet kind.

However, with my next session in the dental chair of doom coming up, it seems prudent to go back to the H2O guzzling. I know that a week of going the healthier route isn't going to fool the good doctor...he did go to school for this and all. But I'll feel better lying to him about my sterling dental health habits if I have at least made a token effort. Besides, my real doctor noted a wee tad bit of dehydration during the last visit so I probably should be thinking more about watering the aging cells.

But here's the thing: I don't like water. When I drink it, I tend to get an upset little tummy. Flavored water, though, seems to settle a bit better so I lean towards that. And, as an added bonus, all those chemicals and preservatives will keep my corpse looking fresh as a daisy for decades to come once I shuffle off this mortal coil. Mediocre knitters the world around can create a shrine for me and make offerings of scarves and lopsided hats. I will be an icon, I tells ya!

At the store the other day, I found this little item. Bonus! Water and vitamins...and pomegranate!!! Ooooooo...antioxidents! Whoopie! I'll live forever...tear up the blueprints for the shrine. I am immortal!

Life Water...that's "life" with a capital "L"
This little plan all went to heck in a handbasket, though. It seems that this little item comes with a Sheep-Proof cap. It was sealed shut tighter than my Dad's grip on the remote control. I worked on this sucker for three full days. Tools were involved. Curse words that will forever leave my cats in need of therapy were uttered. Loudly. There was a little temper tantrum right around the end of day two. Finally, I was able to achieve separation and the elixir of life was imbibed.
It was moderately tasty, but I don't think that I'll be living forever. Immortality is not worth the price of a broken nail and a ruined relationship with the cats.
The whole thing just took time away from knitting and eating chocolate. And if I don't have that, I don't want to live forever anyway.


missemilysmom said...

I am with you on the water drinking! But I do love that flavored water! I to have been trying at my three day conference to drink water!! .....
See you FRiday!

camadsmom said...

You are an insperation to us all. I would like to have your disiplin but your dentist I can do without. As long as you are taking in liquids I think you are doing well. Keep it up.

Mia said...

It was the Capital L... you should have known ::laughing:::