Wednesday, October 08, 2008

WNBP: Because It's Wednesday...

I hustled into school early today.  Since I still have no prep periods due to testing, there was much to do before classes started.  Plus I didn't want to be late for my morning bus duty...

Then I realized that it was not Thursday.  That was a bit of a bummer.  At least I didn't have morning bus duty...

And I get to do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  That's a perk.  I still would have preferred for it to be Thursday, though.  In case you were wondering about that...  

Here's your bullets:

*I found a mistake in the Very Simple Scarf That Is Easy Enough To Be Almost Foolproof.

*I probably could have just left it.  It was hardly noticeable.

*I couldn't stand it.  I used my afternoon exercise bike session to tink back and make things more bearable to mine eyes.

*Here's a little sample of what it might be like to administer mandated achievement testing to The Student With Severe Attention Deficit Disorder (with hyperactivity)

Ms. Sheep:  All right, my darlings.  You are all set up at your individual testing stations and your computers are ready for you.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to raise your hand.  I shall scamper hastily to your side and endeavor to give you whatever you might need in order that you may do your very best on this test.  Unless, of course, you want the answers.  I'm not allowed to do that.

Student With Severe Attention Deficit Disorder (wh):  (Raises hand and waves it frantically in the air whilst making little whimpering noises.)

MS:  Yes, my angel?  Whatever do you need?  I am here to serve.

SWSADD(wh):  Where did you get that sweater?

MS:  (Performs those deep breathing exercises that are supposed to keep her head from exploding because that will probably force the test proctors to stop the test and she'll just have to go with the kids to do that make-up session.)

*I am so remiss when it comes to the Thank You's.  

*I'm also pretty horrible with Memes.  Seriously.  I firmly believe that my current life circumstances can all be traced back to that chain letter I let lapse back in the seventh grade...

*But I really should say, "thank you so very, very much" to Leigh, Annie and Cursing Mama for their kind words and bloggy type awards.  I was so thrilled that you thought of me and am always a bit surprised when someone mentions me as a blogger worth visiting.

*Since I cannot for the life of me narrow down my list of favorite bloggers, I fear that the chain ends here.  I love you all like family and I just don't have time to do all that linking...

*More fun with testing the students:

Student Who Has Decided To Make My Life Difficult With Loud, Token Refusals To Participate:  I ain't doin' it!  This is so stupid!!!

Ms. Sheep:  Oh come now, angel.  It won't be so bad.  And you get to show everyone how smart you are!

SWHDTMMLDWLTRTP:  (Censored Response)

MS:  (giving up all pretense of patience)  Dude...seriously.  Enough.  You have to do it.  The president says so.

SWHDTMMLDWLTRTP:  (Another Censored Response Which Indicates That I May Have A Future Democrat On My Hands.)

*The Absurdly Gi-Normous Kitty continues to protest the cutting back on foodstuffs most vigorously.  And loudly.

*It is a necessary thing, though.  He has lost the ability to reach his hindquarters for cleansing purposes.  

*'Nuff said.

*He is gi-normous.

*I bought him a kitty tunnel connector thingie that is rather large.

He spans it.  And then some.  It's like one of those weird optical illusions...

*I finally decided to bring the manual for that safety procedures course up from the car.  It's been sitting in there since I took the first part of the course and I figured I should get a head start on studying the stuff I have to demonstrate in order to be certified as a trainer for the district.

*I am nothing if not a planner.  Always thinking ahead, that's me!

*The test is Friday morning.  There are only three of us taking the class, so I will probably have to teach eight million things.  The list is in an email that Mr. A. Dorable The Instructor Dude sent me.

*I am too busy to go find that email what with all the studying.  Plus it came a while ago and it is buried under lots of other emails.  It would probably be faster to just study everything.

*Poor Mr. A. Dorable.  I wouldn't wish me on any instructor.  

I guess I should be looking over that manual instead of chatting away with you guys.  Two evenings of haphazard perusal should be plenty.  Unless there is something good on TV or the AGK needs me for something.

Then I guess one night will be OK.  I'm starting to think that it is a good thing it isn't Thursday...



Ginnie said...

Love the kitty tunnel! What's the temperature report?

I'm on the 3rd and top floor of the bldg - with an open atrium in the middle. It's now about 80 degrees at my desk - it's about 60 outside - and on the 1st floor. I sympathize with room temperature issues!

Kath said...

Wow that really IS like one of those optical illusions! Of my two cats, it is the short-haired one that has grown into a somewhat more "Rubenesque" figure. Interesting adaptations of traditional cat cleansing postures have since been observed and appear to be effective. So AGK may just have a bit of a learning curve!

trek said...

It is *now* Thursday and I have to ask: just where did you get that sweater? If it was a hand-knit and you didn't 'fess up, I am torn: 'fessing up would have engendered all kinds of questions and dialog (thereby wasting testing time) but not 'fessing up to a hand-knit is sort of sacriligious.

I am now, with the advent of the cooler temps here (and the past week of party food), beginning to think about a little bike.

Donna Lee said...

I don't have to take my trainer class until February. They are already reminding me that I need to sign up ASAP!! so I don't lose out. Like I need more stress in my life.

Anonymous said...

What does is say about me that I really want to know what the censored part of this post is?

As for AGK cleaning himself, perhaps he's expecting you to help him when he can no longer reach :-)

Cursing Mama said...

Crap - I read all the comments & forgot what it was I wanted to say.
Possibly something about the testing....and being glad that I am the one who does not have to be present when my own son takes those kinds of tests.
Although - we have found a way to get his French Vocab beefed up - Free Rice has a "change subjects" option and it hooks him every time - must be the lure of a video game.

Elaine said...

OMG! You always make me laugh! And AGK is seriously, certifiably wonderful. I used to have my own AGK (a red tabby Maine Coon) who would "do" things just for effect. (Like climb the metal lattice front of the china cabinet, stretch out on the top and hang her head over the side: observing the world... up-side-down.) Seeing you AGK makes me miss mine a bit less.

Anonymous said...

You really must have incredible patience with your students. I would have started screaming after the sweater question.

Poor AGK. Kitty diets are hard.

April said...

Pretty soon you'll have to buy the apartment next door just to have room for the AGK.

Knitting Linguist said...

That is most definitely one absurdly ginormous kitty. No doubt about it. Not to mention Frighteningly Long.

Thanks for the student test laughs -- it's nice to know that it's not just my students...