Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunny With A Chance Of Shower

Sunday is normally a pretty good knitting day for me.  I get the shopping done for the week at some ungodly early hour and then I'm free to settle in with all manner of digitized entertainment.  I usually can crank out at least a couple of rows before the overpowering urge to nap kicks in.

Today, however, there was much to do.  In spite of the sunny and crisp Autumnal conditions, I predicted showers.  Or at least a shower.  It was to be of the "bridal" variety and, once again, I had left a few things undone.  There was cheese to be sliced and arranged artfully on a platter.  There were crackers which, while not requiring slicing, did deserve the same artsy treatment as their cheesy brethren.  

Plus it seems that I am physically incapable of just putting cheese on a platter and leaving it at that.  I am compelled to find a way to attach ribbons and bows all festive-like.  My inner crafter cannot be denied even if I've managed to leave myself little to no time to bedeck a plate or two.

I also needed to pick up the coffee as well as that most necessary ingredient for a successful bridal shower:  The Bride.  A more organized bridesmaid would have set up something of a schedule for all this stuff.  I am not that bridesmaid.  I'm the one with the dress that still needs altering and the undyed shoes.  The fact that I have gotten as far as I have in this process is nothing short of a miracle and mostly due to the gentle prodding of Future SIL when things need to be done.

Even with my somewhat frantic rushing about, all was well.  The gift was wrapped. (Shrink-wrapped, actually.  I have something of a fetish about shrink-wrapping.  I think of it as kind of a modern day miracle that I can make plastic bend to my will...)  The cheese was sliced and the crackers were arranged.  We will not discuss what happened to the crackers during transport.  I don't like to think about it.  The bows distracted everyone handily so it was all right in the end.

In short, we were able to shower the bride in the time honored manner and much as our foremothers did:  With punch in paper cups, the creation of a "bouquet" for use at the rehearsal using naught but bows, ribbon and a paper plate and the playing of the "What Do You Have In Your Purse?" game for prizes.

Note:  Everyone thought I'd win the purse game since I carry a bag so huge that it does not meet airline standards for carry-on.  I did not.  I carry very weird stuff in my bag.  I have rubber gloves and antiseptics.  I have ten pens, three of which actually work.  I have a notebook for jotting down interesting thoughts as they occur to me.  I have a whistle and a flashlight.  And, for reasons that escape me entirely, I have a thing called a Zipper Buddy in the shape of a flower.  I guess it is supposed to go on my jacket as a zipper pull but I don't recall when I got it or why I felt it was necessary to have it.  I also have knitting in there and that's the only thing I'd admit to when people questioned how I could have possibly lost at this game.

It was a fun way to spend the day.  There was also cake involved so I don't suppose that there was any way it could have gone badly.  Cake is pretty much the defining factor in a successful gathering in my book.  It did make for a long afternoon, though.  I was pretty tired when I made my way back home.  This, of course, could be due to my lugging around the giant (but not useful from a gaming perspective) purse...

In case you are wondering (and I know that many of you are) the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty had some thoughts on the the events of the day.  He would like to make the following statement:

Mama should not go out.  Ever.  She should stay home wiv' me.  Don' care if there's cake.  

We are not telling him that the B-A-B-Y was there.  Let's all just keep that to ourselves.  He does not think that my infatuation with Great Nephew Sheep is healthy nor does he believe that I should be fraternizing with any other beings of cuteness.

I'll just shower him with the loving tonight.  He'll be none the wiser.  



Kath said...

Extra lovin' should do the trick - and that looks like a belly just waiting to be rubbed!

I might have your purse beat - I carry a leather backpack. (Because I do not wish to be listing to one side as I walk.)

Emma said...

I wish you would have posted photos of the cheese and cracker tray. I am wildly curious about how one uses bows to adorn cheese and crackers.

Teri S. said...

AGKs seem to need lots of loving and you're doing a great job, despite having to go out into the world to earn money to feed the AGK and the BFK.

It sounds like you had a great time, despite the incident with the crackers and losing the purse game. What, pray tell, did the woman who won have in her purse?

Knitting Linguist said...

Well done! Making it through a bridal shower is an achievement of note (although I have to ask -- rubber gloves?).

Anne said...

You have to have rubber gloves in case the zombies show up while you're away from home. Whistle and flashlight, too.

April said...

That's the biggest cat I've ever seen. And I did feline rescue for two years.

I abhor bridal showers. I do love me a good baby shower though.

Donna Lee said...

I don't carry a big purse, per se. I do carry almost anything one is likely to need (eyeglass screws, needle and thread, leatherman tool with flashlight)in the course of a normal day. At least that's what I tell myself....

Karen said...

Is AGK getting larger???
The shower sounds like a great time. Any event that involves cake is a success.

Mia said...

love the "cat talk" *grin*

Alwen said...

Everything's better with cake, that's what I always say.

trek said...

Just join him in his dancing there,

"You put your front paws in
You take your front paws out
You put your front paws in
And you shake 'em all about
That's what the AGK dance is all about"

PS - Did you get the little pink ball into the box?

Anonymous said...

That picture is just too much. Really, there is too much kitty there for such a little head :-) I now know why you refer to him as Gi-normous!

I'm guessing since you were served punch in paper cups, the fine china was not used.