Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Middle Of The Week? Already?

It is sad when a three day weekend ends.  But it is a happy moment indeed when you realize that it is a short work week.  Suddenly, Wednesday is upon me and it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!  This doesn't make up for the vast amount of stupidity that was heaped upon me yesterday.  But it makes a bit of a dent.  Let's see what I can come up with for you this evening:

*I am almost done with those progress reports that I learned I had to do in a mere two days.  

*At least I think I am.  We'll see if I've done them right.  There is always a chance that I've gone and made a mess of things since I don't normally use this particular program for progress reports.

*But, as I said to a colleague today, I've done enough that they can't say I didn't try.  They can't fire me if I try.

*The colleague noted that I have been transferred to The Bad Job At The Middle School That No One Else Would Take And Which I Am Beginning To Suspect Was A Mean Trick Played On Me By The Administration.

*It is unlikely that I will be fired.  A more fitting punishment would be Extra Strength Tenure...

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is still not pleased with his diet.  He does not see the need.

*He tells me that he is not fat.  He is "husky."

*Big boned.

*Full figured.

*That there is more of him to love...

*I still have a sore throat.  But I am ignoring it.  

*Correction:  I am ignoring it during the times when I am not complaining about it.

When the AGK feels that he is being underfed, he will drag his bowl around the kitchen and stare at it hopefully.

*I've recently downloaded a bunch more TV to the computer.  I'm hoping that I can get in some good knitting time this weekend.  

*Scarves take a long time to knit and much TV is needed.

When the bowl dragging thing doesn't work, the AGK will then rush the resident photographer.  It's kind of hard to tell if it's encouragement or outright intimidation...

*I had to spend time today with the assistant principal engaged in one of those, "help me to help you" discussions.  Two of my students made some rather poor choices.  Telling me when these things happen instead of leaving me to wonder where they are during their upcoming and lengthy suspensions would be useful.  Plus I have information and stuff that he could use when dealing with these kids.

*He seemed confused.  I'm not sure if anyone has ever offered to help him with these sorts of things before.  

*I am good at this stuff.  I can be very helpful.  I have all kinds of knowledge.  I know stuff about the law and the mental health issues involved.  I'm a regular fountain of information.

*When I'm not complaining about my sore throat, at any rate...

When all else fails and yummy foods are not provided, the AGK will resort to taking matters into his own hands.

*I intervened.  Any cat who is gaining weight whilst on a low cal/low carb diet needs help.  

*He has issues.  

*Among these issues, we include an extremely distorted image of his own body.  I'm not sure he understands that he is gi-normous...

The Big, Fluffy Kitty claimed no responsibility for this blatant display of food pilfering and assumed a horrified expression.

*I'm 99% sure that she told him to do it, though.  The BFK is the type to get baby brother into trouble.  

*I told you I'm a fountain of information regarding behavioral issues.  

There's your Wednesday Bullets!  How nice to have midweek behind me so early!   Now that I have successfully blogged the day's events, I will prepare for an evening of sore throat tending, progress report writing and television viewing.  

And cat feeding.  Dinner time is almost upon us and I don't think the AGK is going to accept anything other than a prompt serving time.



Julie said...

I'm quite certain you are wrong about the BFK; she would never do anything to get the AGK into trouble.

Now go feed those poor starving kitties; I can see the AGK is just wasting away to nothing.

Kath said...

Seriously, I think you'd have to work at it pretty hard to get fired from that job. But isn't it fun to imagine just how far you could push the envelope before getting to that point?

Well at least AGK is getting exercise dragging that bowl around. Now if you could just train him to do that with a mop or duster you'd really have something good going on!

trek said...

Extra Strength Tenure? You has us both laughing out loud.

Thanks mentioning the progress reports: I have to update my monitoring files tonight so that the registrar might mail little messages to the naughty students.

Alwen said...

"Open this! Open this! Open it now! . . . if only I had thumbs . . ."

Lorraine said...

At least there isn't a hole chewed in the side of the bag and kibbles scattered all over your pantry.

(mental note: make sure cat is not closeted in the pantry before you close it for the night)

Mia said...

Oh yes, I'm very familiar with that look in AGKs eyes.. good thing you quit the bloggin' and got to feedin' him last night.

And i snicker over the ::husky:: part :)

Cathy said...

Hope the sore throat is better. Altho, I am sure AGK was just trying to tell you that a bit of kibble would make you feel better. You don't like kibble? Well, I guess he'd just have to take it off your hands.

BFK is the understudy. The secret understudy.

Cursing Mama said...

Leaving that food bag lying around like that is just...mean...and brilliant all at the same time ;)

B. said...

Hang in there Sheepie -- I hope you start to feel better soon.

Karen said...

A couple of kiddies will be missing from your usual schedule. Maybe you'll get a prep period then?

Jeanne said...

But... but... he's still a baby! Just a widdle kittums! He's a growing boy! He needs his foods!

*ahem* Just kidding and playing AGK's Advocate... ;-)