Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When Wednesday Wanders In...

...then it's time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!  Sheepie gets to stand up all loud and proud and proclaim her love of random thought projection!  Whoo-hoo!  I also like it because Wednesday is right around the time that I'm starting to think of the workweek as something less shiny and new than it was on Monday.  Here's your bullet points for the week:

*I still can't seem to get a handle on the morning routine.  This morning, I found that I had failed to start the coffee maker thingie.

*My coffee maker has two redeeming features:  it takes up very little space and can be set to start the coffee whenever I want it to.  

*Since I failed to do that, I was left with just the space-saving feature.  I would much prefer consistent coffee production.

*Today, it decided to make lightly tinged, brownish water for me.  

*I didn't even bother filling the thermos.  I just took some light brown water with me in the travel mug and called it "good."  I was running late and didn't really have time for coffee-related foolishness.

*Two people commented on my felted school bag today.  I made that thing years ago from some of the first handspun I'd ever whirled on the wheel.  They were most impressed.

*I felt sort of like a fraud since I haven't really spun much since July.  But I got over it.  

*Obligatory Kitty Picture:

The Big, Fluffy Kitty likes it when she can find an Absurdly Gi-normous Shady spot in which to nap.

*When the kids in my class behave themselves for more than five minutes, they get to earn some free time.  Today, three of them managed to do this and I led that merry band of do-gooders down to the gym where they proceeded to throw balls around with wild abandon.  Among this group were The Husky Redheaded Kid Who Reminds Me Of My Cat and The Cute Little Sixth Grader (who is in my program by default and is the only sixth grader in the whole school)  Here is a snippet of the conversation:

Ms. Sheep:  Hey!  Be careful with those balls!  Hey!  Guys!  The balls!  Be careful!  Hellloooooo!  Are you listening to me?  Can you hear me?  Can you see me?  Do I exist in your world?  Am I little more than theory to you?  Do I take up actual space or am I merely vibrating at some subatomic level?  HEY!!!!!

Husky Redheaded Kid Who Reminds Me Of My Cat:  Awww...lookit that.  We threw that tennis ball too hard.  Now it's stuck up there near the ceiling.  Anyone got a ladder?

MS:  No!  No ladders!  Stop looking for ladders.  And don't you dare try to climb up there!  Hey!!  

Cute Little Sixth Grader:  Look, it's Ms. Sheep!  When did you get here?

MS:  (takes a deep breath)  Oh, you know.  A while ago.  It's not important...  Now listen carefully.  Go over to the gym teacher and tell him you need some help getting that ball down.

CLSG: 'Kay!  (scampers off, followed by the HRKWRMOMC)

MS:  No, HRKWRMOMC!  You stay here.  Trust me.  When these sorts of things happen you always send in the cute little kid.  We'll just wait over here and pretend to be deep in conversation.  At all costs, we avoid the eyes of the gym teacher.  Just go with me on this one.  
HRKWRMOMC:  Wow.  That's brilliant.  You're really smart, Ms. Sheep!

MS:  Kind of makes you wish I was more than just theory, doesn't it?


*When I left school, I decided to stop off at a local convenience store and get a big Mountain Dew.  I needed caffeine.

*It then occurred to me that they sell coffee there and that this was more along the lines of what I needed.

*I found the coffee, but couldn't find the cups.  (they were right in front of me)

*I put coffee in the cup, but couldn't find the lids.  (they were just to my right and highly visible.)

*I then spent more time than I care to admit pulling on the cream dispenser and not getting any cream.  (it was clearly labeled with the word push)

*Did I mention that I really needed coffee at that point?

*I did manage to locate my Maine Morning Mitts before heading to work, though.  Good thing.  It was wicked cold this morning!  

*Hot coffee would have been better.  

Here's to another Wednesday falling into the "done" column.  Lessons were both learned and taught.  There is an eighth grade boy who will never again try to get his ball back when there is a cute little sixth grader around to do it for him and a certain Sheep who has already gotten the coffee maker set to go for tomorrow.

It's all good.  But would have been better with coffee...



Donna Lee said...

My favorite feature of the coffee maker is the timer. And which feature was the first to wear out? The timer. The numbers don't really register. I tried once to guess what they were and ended up waking up at 3 am to the wonderful smell of freshly brewed coffee. Now I just set it up the night before and turn it on when I come downstairs in the morning. Better than coffee at 3.

Kris said...

Yep - love the timer feature, but I have found that it is better to set up coffee when not exhausted. I have forgotten to put in grounds. I have forgotten to put in the water. Now with the babe on the way, I am perpetually under-caffinated!

Mel said...

Tomorrow is gonna be wickeder cold. Make sure those mitts are sitting on your dashboard, or waiting in your purse, or at least somewhere you won't forget them.

Of course, if you do, it'll just be blog fodder. ;-)

trek said...

Yes, tomorrow will definitely constitute wicked cold here, too.

Emma said...

Yay, WNBP!

Teri S. said...

Remind to step away from the Sheep when she needs caffeine. It sounds like you had an interesting day. At least none of your kids climbed a ladder!

PICAdrienne said...

Your comment about the cute little kid reminds me of oldest child's 5th grade teacher. She was a cute little kid, with the sweetest expression. He used her to deliver practical jokes to other teachers. If you look carefully, she has a wicked sparkle in her eye. It was made much worse in 5th grade.

Anonymous said...

"Do I exist in your world? Am I little more than theory to you? Do I take up actual space or am I merely vibrating at some subatomic level?"
Re adolescent male perspectives - suggest you view "What the Bleep Do We Know? (
Re coffee - purchase a Senseo coffee brewer.

Karen said...

The kitties in the photo are not sized as they appear in real life correct??? It would appear that AGK is the size of a tiger.
And the comment thingie is different... Now I need coffee...

Anonymous said...

Send the CUTE kid to get help? Where was I when that little bit of wisdom was passed out? You are a genius, Ms. Sheep!