Wednesday, October 01, 2008

WNBP: The "Are You Kidding Me?!" Edition

If it is not Wednesday, then I don't want to hear it.  I know I've said that before.  But this time I really mean it.  If tomorrow is not Thursday and soon to be followed by Friday, then there will be no dealing with me.  I will be insufferable.  More so than I am on a regular Thursday.  And I'm told that this is not always a pleasant time for people so you can imagine how testy I shall be...

Here Be The Midweek Bullets:

*It was a rainy sort of day today.  The kind of day best spent huddled under an afghan.

*The afghan thing is even more appropriate if you happen to have a stubborn cold that has decided to settle into your chest.  

*I did not spend the day under an afghan.

*The students in my class today were not good.  Not remotely so.  

*Best Conversation Of The School Year Thus Far:

Ms. Sheep (just about at her wit's end and ready to try pleading if it will settle down some of the more rowdy boys in the bunch)  Dude...please.  You've got to hold it together!

Dude (AKA: Kid Who Is Nearing The End Of His Short Life And Perhaps Knows This) I am holding it together.  Sometimes it just come loose is all...

*Saved his own life with that one, he did.

*I had a doctor's appointment today so I got to leave school early.  I had mixed feelings about this.

*Feeling The First:  Anxiety over how the students might fare in my absence.  

*Feeling The Second:  Utter joy at the prospect of leaving them behind.

*It is pure coincidence that I had a doctor's appointment today.  I didn't have a cold when I made the appointment.  I was just running out of medication.

*I made it to the office with time to spare and looking forward to maybe getting a little bit of nice cough medicine along with my regular prescription.

*The doctor was out.  Family emergency.  

*The phones were down.  No calls could be made to cancel appointments.

*Not that it would have mattered since I've changed jobs and they don't have that number.

*My medication is classified as a controlled substance and there are all sorts of rules around its being dispensed.

*No little blue slip was left for me.  

*I am out of meds.

*I also didn't get any nice cough syrup.  

*I can't get back to the office until tomorrow afternoon and there is still a chance I won't get the scrip without seeing the doctor live and in person.

*I hate everyone involved.  

* I realize that this is unreasonable and that no one was actively out to get me.  These things happen and normal, rational people understand this.

*I still hate everyone involved.  

*I have a cold and I am grumpy.

*I did not work out this afternoon because I am grumpy and snuffly.  I should have since I was up at 11:30 last night due to an adverse reaction to the antihistamines I'm taking.

*Although why that reaction should have caused me to eat half a carton of ice cream, I have no idea.  That is not usually one of the symptoms.  I normally just get the jitters...

*To Recap:   I'm tired.  I have a cold.  I am out of my regular meds.  I have no cough medicine.  My students are full of energy and working together in a diabolical scheme to drive me utterly mad.

*So I figured I'd start a scarf in laceweight since I'm already in such a delightful sort of mood.  

*I cannot possibly imagine any sort of scenario involving violence resulting from this.  Not at all...

Yes, I do truly hope it is Wednesday.  And that tomorrow is Thursday.  And that the next day is Friday.  And that I can maybe ingest cold medications tonight without having to leap out of bed all jittery and stuff.  (I'm all out of ice cream...)  And that the doctor is in tomorrow afternoon and willing to sign her name to the blue slip of paper.  

I'll even forgo the cough syrup.  It's probably for the best.  I don't knit so well when I take the "good" cough syrup...



Mel said...

Um, yeah, good luck with that. Meanwhile, I'll just be standing waaaaaaaay over here....

Anne said...

I hear that certain black and white cookies have wonderful healing properties.

Hope you feel better soon - it's far too early in the season to have a cold.

PICAdrienne said...

It is Wednesday, and tomorrow is Thursday, which means my 6th grader runs the mile at school and then has football practice. He sleeps well on Thursday nights.

It also means tomorrow is 'What the H**l is this' day on Jessica's blog. Always entertaining.

You will make it.

Anonymous said...

I know just how Dude feels and it kind of sounds like maybe you do too.

It is now Thursday; here's hoping you get your meds! (Until you do, I'll be with Mel.)

Karen said...

Eating ice cream is a side effect of taking antihistamines. At least that's what I tell myself.
I hope you feel better and get your medication. I know it's hopeless to wish that the kiddies would behave.

Mia said...

"I hate everyone involved"

Love that phrase and feelin' it here too.

But oh sheepie.. I hope this cold isn't the start of any monkey pox or anything for this season.. sounds like those big kids at the middle school are givin' ya a go.. maybe tell the good doc to add a little sumthin' sumthin' to the next script *grin*

Cathy said...

I'm with Mel too.... tho my waaaaayyy over here involves men in uniforms.

"The hotties", as the owner of the local diner claimed the women servers call them.

Maybe you need something hot.

Donna Lee said...

That cold is wreaking havoc in my area. There are people coughing and sneezing (into my air!) on the train and one of my family members has already succumbed. I am holding out but I have a stash of good cough syrup just in case. And of course you should start knitting some lace when you feel like that.

Knitting Linguist said...

It is Thursday, which means that tomorrow is Friday, which means that the day after that is Saturday, when there will be no students to torment you. Hang in there...

trek said...

Yes, well, um, I think that I shall stay here. "Here" being Not-Anywhere-Near-The-Great-State-Of-Maine.

We also are fighting the first unwellnesses of the school year and sympathize greatly with your sniffles and the need to huddle under afghans. Did I mention that I was in bed at 8:11 last night?

If Doctor Judy doesn't have a happy blue slip of paper for you tomorrow, let her see how "sometimes it just comes loose" for a sickly unmedicated Sheepie. That should make her knuckle under.

Lorraine said...

Between the cold settling in the chest and the stupid rules regarding prescription refills (why do I need a pap smear to get migraine meds????), all indications seem to be that the soul-sister connection between us seems to be getting stronger. Want to give me a heads-up on what might be coming my way next?

Ronni said...

I hope you were able to get your medications at last. If not, I think on the whole, I'd vote for cookies too.