Sunday, October 12, 2008

The News From Home

I awoke this morning with a vague sense that something was amiss.  I'm not the brightest bulb in the marquis before that first cup of coffee so it took me a while to get a handle on what might be wrong.  The whole process of narrowing things down really took longer than it should have, if you want the truth.  In fairness, however, I should add that it was 5:00 in the morning and I was still half-asleep as I pondered this mystery.

Finally (and in what might be considered the nick of time, I might add) I realized that the cause of my discomfort was actual discomfort.  There were rumblies in the tumbly and I just wasn't feeling all that well.  I tend to give myself a weekend pass regarding the diet come Friday night so there were any number of possible culprits.  I hate to lay the blame on the donuts.  I really, really do.  But I fear that they were the things that did not agree with my fragile constitution.

With the timely and liberal consumption of over-the-counter tummy medications, I was able to be up and about enough to get the grocery shopping done without doing anything to shame myself publicly and the morning coffee stayed down enough to keep me awake for the trip.  After that, however, it seemed prudent to spend a nice day at home with the big glowing box of entertainment and the ever-growing scarf.

Thankfully, the whole thing was over pretty quickly.  And, with the addition of a therapeutic nap, I am now fit as a fiddle.  The added bonus of staying close to hearth and home today was that I was able to tend to one or two little matters that I'd let slip over the past few weeks.  I washed a few things that seemed to need it.  I cleaned the windows in the bedroom with a borax solution as there had been some moisture intruding on the frames last winter and I don't want any kind of mold forming there.  I ran the vacuum across the carpet a few times just to see if I couldn't make enough of those tracks you see in clean carpets.  This usually fools the average Joe into thinking I vacuum more regularly than I do.  I even called the bridal shop to confirm that I will be in tomorrow to pick up my dress and select some shoes to wear to my brother's upcoming nuptials.  

(Future SIL Sheep, please take note.  You ask.  I obey.  You make that chocolate pie that I like so much.  I am pretty much putty in your hands...)

I also knit.  Here's that picture of the scarfy goodness that I forgot about yesterday but pinky-swore I'd get up on the interwebs for you all today:

See?  I came through for ya!!!

I know it's looking a little lumpy at the moment, but I'll take care of that soon enough.  The yarn is Regia Bamboo and, while it may not block out quite like 100% wool, I do believe there is enough in there to make it behave under threat of steam and sharp pins.  If not, then it will be one of those fluffy, artsy sorts of scarves.  Either way, it is coming along nicely and I think it will make a nice little gift for someone come the holidays.  

 I strongly suspect that this morning's gastric events were Karma's way of balancing things out following my having passed that safety procedures course through naught but charm while other's studied hard.  I guess I can understand why that might be necessary, especially since I didn't seem to have any real sense of shame over my behavior.  But it all kind of worked out, if you want the truth.  Lots of stuff gets done when you are in for the day.  Plus you get to take a nap without having to explain yourself.  Boo-Boo Tummy is a condition recognized by any and all medical associations and naps are included in the course of treatment.  At least that is what I read on the internet...

I wasn't the only one taking care of business today.  There are others here who would like to share with you their activities and discoveries after hours of study, practice and observation.  We are an industrious bunch.  

The Big, Fluffy Kitty says:

I have been practicing being "Ethereal."  Tomorrow, I start my studies in "Angelic."

And the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty says:

Yook!  I gots feets!

Yup.  "Industrious."  That's us.  It is probably best if you do not try this at home.  Or, at the very least, you should stretch first.  And maybe not eat too many donuts...



Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry your tummy feels bad -- I hope the napping and industry are all helping enormously. And speaking of which, I adore the fur in between the AGK's toes; my old kitty had fur like that, and it always just amused the heck out of me (which may say something about my threshold for amusement...).

Karen said...

Yum donuts!! Sorry they bothered your tummy. I don't think it was karma. I bet it was something you picked up from the little kiddies you teach.

trek said...

I can't even remember what a doughnet tastes like. I was just saying to Number Guy that I can almost not remember picking dinner/lunch food based on what I felt like eating or wanted to have. It's all about fitting into the skinny jeans and, d@mn, that has gotten old...

Perhaps tomorrow I should take Neatnik somewhere fun for lunch (she's got the holiday off from school).

mehitabel said...

Boo Boo Tummy has migrated south to the Bay State, where it is afflicting me. Hopefully it will leave in time for me to hop on a series of airplanes tomorrow!
BFK is already angelic and ethereal. AGK has the sweetest little footie-fur! (well, it's fluffier than Simon's anyway!)

April said...

Ah yes, the dreaded "Rumbly Bumbly." So sorry to hear you were temporarily struck down ...


Is that another picture of the AGK?!?


Anne said...

Anxiously awaiting FO scarf pictures now! I would bet dimes to dollars you will have a lot of "help" in the blocking activities.

Donna Lee said...

Yea, boo boo tummy has worked its way south to NJ. Not at all pleasant and very conducive to nap taking.

Cursing Mama said...

Donuts? I love donuts...donuts do not make people feel bad - only good can come from donuts.

Unless it was the work of Zombies!

Geraldine said...

The kitties are looking great! I love seeing new baby pics and of course the Big Fluffy One too.

Ms. Mitz had a bout of not doing too well lately (tummy troubles) but she is back to running for the food bowl and other general mayhem has been restored. Our 20+ wonder continues to astound us.