Friday, October 24, 2008

Ups 'n Downs

There is a certain symmetry to life, I guess.  Yin and Yang.  Fore and Aft.  Positive and Negative.  Everything is of two distinct tones and it's really all in how you look at it.  For example:

On the Up Side, taking Friday off because you have a dentist appointment, live an hour or so from the school where you teach and don't feel like driving five million miles back and forth for such nonsense means that you get a three day weekend.

On the Down Side, you have a dentist appointment.

On the Up Side, you get to have a dentist appointment on a day when the dentist isn't actually present because even dentists deserve a three day weekend every now and again.  This means no x-rays, no vicious poking with sharp instruments and no harshly rendered judgements regarding the state of your ivories from Dr. DeSade, DMD.

On the Down Side, you may learn that your favorite Perky, Quirky Hygienist Who Lets You Hold And Manage The Spit Sucker All By Yourself is now taking Fridays off and that you will be left with just the Perky Hygienist.  She will, however, let you take charge of the spit sucker after you start to choke on the stupid thing.  

On the Up Side, you then have a whole day off to do whatever makes your little heart sing.

On the Down Side, you may be so overwhelmed by all the possible cardio-melody-producing options that you sort of don't get as much done as you thought you might.

On the Up Side, you get the grocery shopping done early and before everyone else mobs the store.

On the Down Side, the Dollar Store is right next door and you will soon find yourself suckered into purchasing all sorts of things you really don't need because you went in to see if they had any more of those Collapsible Cat Cave Thingies that you really knew they weren't going to have.  

On the Up Side, you get to take a nap once you finally realize that you aren't going to suddenly morph into that Productive Member Of Society that you had hoped to be today.

On the Down Side, you will realize that you are merely a rank amateur when it comes to napping.  Others are ever so much better at it:

Some nap with their fluffy heads held high

Others adopt a more circular approach to the whole thing.  (Frankly, I think he's hinting that it is time to turn on the heat.  He doesn't pay the bills, you see...)

On the Up Side, you actually find the will to knit and don't even care that you now have exactly three thousand WIPs going on at the moment.  You learn the fine art of rationalization and determine that there is really no other reason to have a gigantic bag full of circular needles if you aren't going to have a project dangling from each.

Another "dishcloth."  Let's all remember the rules here.  Sheepie has Sweater Issues.  The Evil Powers don't like it when she knits sweaters.  They get all smite-y.  Hence, she only knits dishcloths.  With ribbing.  And sleeves...

See what I mean?  There are two sides to every story.  Either way, I got myself a three day weekend.  As such, it seemed only fitting that I toss out a rare Friday post and share the happiness.  

This is also something of a "guilt post" as I have a feeling next weekend will be spotty blogging at best.  I have something to do.  It involves wearing a strapless, two piece ensemble with matching shoes and the application of Sheep Shaping Undergarments.  It is my understanding that several family members will also be present and that, when all the I-Do's are said and done, I will finally get that sister that Mommy and Daddy Sheep never got around to giving me.  I hear tell that there will also be cake involved and for that I will risk standing perilously close to that most scary of things:  A Wedding.

  I figure the least I can do is write up a little something on my blogging day off...

Happy Friday to all and here's hoping that the Up Side was the one facing you all today!



Yarnhog said...

Dishcloth it is.

It never even occurred to me that I could demand to take charge of the spit sucker. That would make the whole experience so much more pleasant. (It always grabs my tongue and won't let go and then I have a small panic attack and gag's not pretty.)

Jeanne said...

Even scarier is the thought of "Bouquet Toss".

Alwen said...

That's a beautiful sleep position, there.

The last time I went to my dentist's office, he had "brought another dentist into his practice." That's what the letter said. But when I went there, it was more like they were letting him use the office.

And the hygienist from the other dentis caught my uvula with that giant straw-shaped spit sucker. Ack.

Norma said...

Yup, it was totally an upside day for me. I had the day off and didn't leave the house except to go outside for a few photos. And I finished a mitten that I am in love with. And I ate "bad" foods that made me feel GOOD.

Totally up. :)

trek said...

What a great color for a dishcloth.

An upside moment today: calculating the class average of today's test and being able to *truthfully* report that it was over 93%.

Strange word verification: ranthful

Kath said...

Considering the AGK's size I'm impressed at the compactness of that sleeping position.

I'm not too fond of weddings but at least they have cake. And the last one I went to had a chocolate fountain where you could dip in skewered bits of fruit. Now THAT was a good wedding.

I'll see trek's "ranthful" and raise her a "busnfle"

Lynne said...

Maybe it's a 'boy' thing. Our Tom sleeps in that position, even with his paw over his eyes, and looks at us disdainfully [usually with one eye] if we make a noise or turn on a light!

BTW The word verification was 'ecomfi' - I think 'e truly is!! LOL

mehitabel said...

Pretty colored dishcloth. Oh, and the Sheepy Bridesmaid will be very well behaved and will enhance but not upstage the nuptials. Keep repeating that and you will not fall into the candles or make loud noises during the ceremony.

Just keep repeating the mantra. And congrats on the new sister!!

Karen said...

Lovely dishcloth.
Any position is a good nap position.

crzjane said...

Lucky your, 3 day weekend. Even if it did include a visit to the dentist.
That is going to be a very nice dishcloth.
Have fun at the wedding.
AGK looks so very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

It is humanly impossible to out-nap a cat. Or a dog. Don't even try. Just get one or more of them to join you for that little extra bit of warmth.

Nice dishcloth.

Oh, and I demand photographic documentation of that thingie happening next weekend. Not that I have any standing that might entitle me to demand anything. I just want to see a sheep that isn't Dolores in a strapless dress.