Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why You Need A Sock Bag.

With the summer knitting season upon me, I scampered to Trek's site in order to complete my sock bag swap and have been enjoying the benefits of mobile sock knitting ever since. When not on the road, the bag makes a handy liner for the basket in which I store smaller projects. If I need to head out I simply grab it, cinch it and, Bob's your uncle, I have a sock to go.

And yet I am a girl who likes to accessorize. I decided that I'd like to have an organizer to keep in the bag that would let my disorganized self maintain order over the vast amounts of crap I seem to need in order that I might complete the simplest of tasks. I wanted a pocket of sorts but it had to meet certain criteria. It had to be flat, yet rigid. It needed to be washable (I'm something of a slob) and it absolutely needed to be able to hold Post-Its. I love Post-Its. From where I sit on my couch right now I can literally see 8 of them scrawled with cryptic notes that probably contain the key to world peace but which I cannot seem to decipher. Most importantly though, it must not in any way shape or form sully the perfection of the Sock Bag. No stitching, gluing or attaching of any kind!

In addition, one of my summer goals was to break out the sewing machine and see if I couldn't remember how to use it. Thus, after much fiddling, fussing and language best left to the imagination, I give you The Sock Bag Buddy!

Mistake-ridden Jaywalker and fat stuffed cat are optional.
Now, let me be perfectly clear. When one has to cleverly arrange the Buddy's accessories in order to hide the "whoopsies" in one's sewing it generally signifies that more work is required. But it was fun to make and suits my needs. I'll keep working on it and see if I can't come up with something that is a bit more pleasant to gaze upon.
So, besides the obvious reasons, being able to customize your bag is just one more tally mark in the "you need a sock bag" column. Trust me, if I can do it you can do it. Go do your
Those of you who have already completed this task and don't need to frantically navigate away in order to avoid my withering gaze may take a moment to check out my progress on the corriedale. I've eyeballed the remains and think that I've got it divided just about right for another skein of two-ply. Bobbin #1 is complete and awaiting it's marriage via plying to bobbin #2. Bobbin # 2 is not ready for the nuptials at present, but the ceremony is imminent.


With nothing much on the tube today and a cat in my nappin' spot it's been a slightly more productive day than yesterday. Soon, however, a certain feline is going to be rousted in order that I might park my Sheepy self on the couch for some reading and dozing.

It's probably going to get ugly. But I will prevail.



Mia said...

Hey! I have one of those tiny little white canning jars too *grin*

missemilysmom said...

Very very nice.... I think I might need a sock bag!