Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Peek At My Piggies!

Well, my widdle piggies did head out to market but first they made a stop at the spa for some upkeep and prettifying. As predicted, The Sheep's dire dread of having her feet touched was something of an issue. But we survived without bloodshed (mine and the poor nail technician) and my tootsies are looking hot!

That would be "Pompeii Purple" with a catnip mouse looking on from the background.
In addition to the pedicure, the package included a foot/leg massage and salt scrub so I'm as smooth as a baby's tuchus. Well, from the knees down at any rate. As horrific as I find the whole foot touchin' thing I do so love the look of a well-tended hoof!
Following the spa treatment, my partner in pedicures and I trundled off into the wilds of New Hampshire for shopping and lunch. We hit a used bookstore and "must-haves" were found! Among my purchases were a couple of knitting books and one old quilting book:

Treasures, I tells ya!

Of course, I don't quilt. I've never quilted. I probably won't quilt any time soon. But, for some odd reason, the patterns fascinate me. Order out of chaos fixation or something...

So it is with purple toes and sunburned cheeks that I bid you good night. I have a morning appointment tomorrow so I must hit the hay soon in order that I might actually get up early enough to be only mildly late. I'm looking forward to a free day on Thursday in order to get to some of my more fiber-related stuff. I'd like to finish the last bobbin of corriedale and see if I can't get that plied up. The next fiber is up for grabs, but I'm leaning towards trying some of the cotton sliver that I ordered during the last school vacation and hid away. I've never spun cotton so I'm sure there will be much angst and flinging of niddy noddies.

Great Fun!!

SA (she of the purple toes)


trek said...

I think quilts are really cool and would love someday to make one. But in the meantime, I admire the patterns, too.

Hve you ever ready Jennifer Chiaverinni's Elm Creek Quilt Series? Very good.

Anonymous said...

Quilts are lovely and I envy anyone with the patience to make one. I have no patience for fussy sewing. I have tried. I have a quilt top in my closet waiting to be finished. Ah, it's on the list.
Have you seen the small quilt hangings? They are a wonderful way to learn.
The toes look lovely. Sometimes there is nothing better than a little pampering.

Julie said...

You can copy most quilt squares with various forms of modular knitting. Sometimes you have to use garter stitch for 'squareness' if it's really complex, but it can be done. (I love quilts, but hate making them, too.)

Heh heh heh. What you do with this suggestion, is not my fault.

Beth (big geek) said...

most excellent tootsies. And great finds at the bookstore. SCORE!

Debbie said...

Great book finds!

(Psst.....I know a sneaky way of making faux patchwork involving cloth and styrofoam. It works for a wall hanging, anyway :) And no stitching!)

Julie said...

Pretty Piggies! And I LOVE the sandals!

Quilts - they're nice as long as someone else makes them - why is it that I have endless patience for knitting, but give me more than one or two straight seams to sew and I totally lose it.

Sheila said...

I love your sandals!!
I've never had a pedicure....I used to like to say "I'm a low-maintenance girl" and mean it, until I saw an episode of "What Not To Wear" where the girl quoted me (un-beknown to her) several times, and that was when I realized it wasn't something to be proud of! I also get a haircut only once a year, maybe twice if I'm feeling extra frisky.
Old habits are hard to break.