Friday, June 09, 2006


On a Friday??? Whatever has the world come to?

The Sheep doesn't normally post on Friday. I like to let everyone think that it is because I am out hopping amongst the various glamorous clubs to be found in rural Maine, salsa dancing with millionaires and laughing it up with the purty people. The reality is that I work on Friday nights. I may have mentioned that, in addition to teaching, I also do social services stuff in what I laughingly refer to as my "spare time." While I've cut waaay back on my hours over the last year or so I do still like to keep my hand in. It's a different kind of toil than that which usually fills out my checking account and keeps things interesting.

Oh...and I also do the grocery shopping on Fridays. Because someone middle-aged and dour needs to be in the store to provide some balance to the college students buying beer and Doritos as prep. for weekend festivities.

Jealous yet?

At any seemed prudent to grab a little piece of them internets while I have a moment to do so. With the school year rapidly winding down, the workload has increased tenfold. Well, not so much "increased" as "it appears that I can no longer put off all those tasks that I have been avoiding and golly, gosh there is a plethora of them!" It's always a race to the finish come June. There is a bunch of stuff to do even under the best of circumstances, but this year has been something of a "trial" and I have had less time in which to do that which the state and federal regulations deem necessary. Thus, I can either spend the summer slogging through paperwork or I can crank up the volume and finish as much as is humanly possible over the next week. Stressful? Perhaps. But worth it if it means that I can have a summer break that's more about rest and relaxation.

As a result, there has been little in the way of knitting progress and blogging has been a rather half-hearted collection of observations and weather reports. I do so hope that my ten loyal readers have not wanted to simply give up and go read the newspaper or play video games. I promise to do better by you, really I do.

Lest you think that The Sheep is just working her little hooves to the bone at this point, please be assured that I am not one to over-do. I finagled a bit of a break tonight (don't tell my boss) and cancelled my Parenting Education session for this week. I used the extra time to wander out to a local department store for shoes 'n such. I even skipped the grocery store. The Sheep knows how to "do up" a Friday night...oh yeah.

So I guess I'd better get back to it. I plan to spend tonight away from the paperwork and veg out in front of the tube. Tomorrow will be spent alternating between working at the computer and more fun-filled fibery pursuits. I may even have a teeny bit of knitting progress to report. If not, bear with me...

Summer vacation is just a heartbeat away. Stay tuned!


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