Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sheep...Or Slug?

Would dearly love to say that this has been a productive day in the life of this humble Sheep. But it hasn't. It's a rainy, chilly do-nothin' kinda Saturday and I've just wandered from pillar to post, project to project, channel to channel hoping to find something that might hold my interest long enough to create an FO.
There has been some spinning, but the creak of the overly humidified wheel drove me to distraction. The weather is just not kind to wood right now. I'm in the home stretch on the
corriedale, though.
We're down to less than half a basketful!
Jaywalker #2 took some abuse this morning as I couldn't seem to remember to actually take a gander at the pattern from time to time. Apparently this is crucial to making a second sock that vaguely resembles the first. Errors were corrected or ignored based on their visibility factor and we are successfully making our way through Gusset Land.

Shortly after this photo was taken Desdemona parked her furry feline tushy on the pattern and that ended the knitting for the foreseeable future.

And that is really about it. Unless you want to hear about my nap. It was a great nap, but not exactly the stuff epic blog posts are made of.

Here's hoping that a second wind kicks in tomorrow and I can get a bit further along. I've somehow managed to commit myself to a variety of appointments next week and this might complicate my plans for fiber domination. None of them are particularly horrid or time consuming but they will take me out of the routine and that always throws me for a bit.

Perhaps a pot of coffee will help. Followed by some ice cream. Maybe a cookie or two will give me the inspiration I need to forge ahead...


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trek said...

Ice cream and tea!
The whole seaboard is suffering from just too much rain and humidity :o(