Monday, June 19, 2006

Lack Of "Light."

I've decided that I am really just a naturally grumpy kind of gal. My post yesterday regarding how I was going to be light and sunny even if it killed me was smacked down by today's heat and humidity. Worse, this was combined with failed attempts at appeasing a group of elementary school children who just weren't feeling the need to be edu-macated on the second to last day of school. Not even the ice cream could change their generally foul moods. That's right...we gave them ice cream. And they were still ticked off. Go figure.

These are truly the longest days. We are close to the end of the year and both teachers and students are staring longingly out the window at the freedom just beyond our reach. Well, today we were staring out at haze and the heat wigglies coming off the pavement on the playground since it was umpteen billion degrees outside. But you get the idea. Even being home in the middle of The Great Ant Wars would have been preferable to being trapped for seven hours with hot and grouchy children. And don't think that I don't know that they are at home right now blogging about how horrible it was being trapped with Ms. Sheep for the day!!! And they are right.

Tomorrow is a half day for the kiddies and a full day for those of us over voting age. I'll probably be putting in a few extra hours finishing up some stuff then I'm heading home with a stack of paperwork that I hope to have finished by month's end. It's still going to be a busy week as my first day of vacation will be spent with Amy my Scary Stylist (said with love) so that we can pick out the yarn for her requested project. (Don't ask what she thought of my "prototype." Suffice it to say, we are back to the drawing board.) Thursday is lunch with the extended family and Friday is a work day for job #2.

Even with all that and my generally bleak outlook on life, I still think that I'm gonna find a little joy come Wednesday morning when I realize that the alarm has no meaning for a short while. I actually do have some plans for the vacation which will be focused more on the fibery side of my life. I think that my 10 loyal readers might actually be surprised to see what I can accomplish when little things like earning my daily bread aren't getting in the way!

Well...maybe that's overly optimistic. Wouldn't want to give in to the happy. Let's just see how far I get.



trek said...

Hey Sheep - We, your loyal readers, have confidence in you.

Teri S. said...

Speaking of ice cream...I might be a little behind the times, but apparently a 1/2 C. of ice cream not only helps provide much-needed calcium, but can also help with losing weight. Go to, click on Health & Fitness, then Diet & Nutrition. Go to Article Index and read "Summer's Sweetest Diet." Yeah, I was a bit skeptical, too, but then remembered that I seemed to lose more weight when I ate a small amount of ice cream every day (with cherry pie, of course). Coincidence?