Friday, June 23, 2006

All Is Well!

I was a wee bit concerned yesterday after my "unexpected trip" as I thought I might have done something horrible and unbearably old-ladyish to my knee. I quickly concocted a story involving mountain climbing and bear wrestling to share with the EMTs should an ambulance be required. But it is with relief that The Sheep reports no lasting damage. Other than a seriously smarting ego, the old bones, ligaments and whatever the heck else that's holding me together at this point are just fine and pain free. Another lesson learned.

Today was spent relaxing, avoiding shoes that might present me with issues involving gravity and planning out some of my fibery projects for the next couple of months. Summer vacation started late for my school this year and time will be more limited than I'm used to. Ah, can't really complain when you get more time off than the average working joe. There are a couple of minor things I'd like to get taken care of and one project that might be more along the lines of "epic." We'll see if I'm really up for that...

I like to think that I'm past the point in my short blogging career where I feel I have to upload a picture each time I complete a row in order that the on-line world may sleep easier with reassurances of my progress. However, since there has been little in the way of forward movement in my knitting of late, I will share with you the state of Jaywalker #2:

We have "flappage."
I also put in a tiny bit of time at the wheel today in the hopes of getting the last of the Corriedale, if not done, then at least further along than it was. I didn't get as far as I'd like, but I still have a passion for this particular fiber and it's color so I don't get the grumble-bumbles when I see it still sitting on the bobbin. It'll get done.
Fridays will be sort of odd days for The Sheep for the time being as it is also a work day for job #2. I don't have to be there until 4:30 or so and this means that much of the day is spent thinking, "don't get too still have to work tonight." It is highly distracting. Frankly, I prefer to do everything in the morning and then head home for a little nappy followed by crafty activities. But, while this would suit my schedule, it does not meet the needs of the client and it really is all about them. Not an easy concept for The Sheep...but we make it work.
As I look at the clock for umpteenth time since noon, I calculate that I have 30 minutes to get my sheepy self ready, garb myself in more professional attire and locate my paperwork stuff. (Yes...that's what we call it in the social services field: "paperwork stuff.") So I guess I'd better get on that.
Job #2 is what pays for the fiber addiction.


Sheila said...

I missed the fall yeterday, but I'm glad to hear you are okay.
I have the same clothing issues. I live in Dansko clogs for the most part, but recently bought 2 pairs of wedge-heeled shoes that I've been wearing for outings that don't involve my 3 year old- I wouldn't be able to chase her should the need occur. Easy Spirit has a few shoe styles that bridge the gap between teen and old lady (you have to really search through their stuff to find them), plus they are made for comfort. I think I'm supposed to say now that I have no affiliation with Easy Spirit- I'm just a happy customer.

camadsmom said...

Since my High School days and dubed the name clutz. I don't wear heals. I am a flat girl. Sorry to hear about your spill. Glad you where conscience after your fall.

Stay healthy.