Sunday, June 11, 2006


Back to reality.

The endorphine rush brought on by yesterday's frenzied bout of "finish-itis" has worn off and all that's left to The Sheep is the sad realization that one finished sock does not a pair make. When the high fades, there is just this:

The start of sock #2.
This is the part of sock knitting that drives me to chocolate. At this point in the process the needles always feel barely joined and are flopping about like they are having wool-induced seizures. The yarn never fails to leap aboard one of these waggling appendages and proceeds to wrap itself around several times causing weird tension of the knitting and emotional varieties. There is more counting required as the pattern has yet to imprint itself on my math-challenged brain and the cats will invariably choose this time to knock over priceless family heirlooms or eat items found in the carpet of questionable digestibility. And, in this case, there is a purl stitch on needle one that is rearranging itself in odd ways that I suspect are the work of the devil. Give me 10 more rows and all this goes away. I just need to survive those rows with my sanity intact.
Perhaps my mood is somewhat affected by my decision to stay home this weekend rather than head up to the Fiber Frolic. I toyed for months with the idea of going...don't all good knitting/spinning bloggers show themselves at these events? My responsible side intervened, however. Gas prices are high, my oxygen intake is low thanks to my spring bout with Monkey Pox and the weather forecast looked grim at best. In addition, I have a mountain of paperwork to finish in the next week that wasn't going to get done whilst I emptied my checking account to the benefit of fiber vendors. I realize that this event is small compared to Maryland et. al. so it's unlikely that vast numbers in the blogging community attended. Still would have been fun though...sigh. How difficult it is to be a grown-up!
All in all, though, I have to say that I feel pretty good about what was tackled during my 48 hours of responsible living. I finished one sock, began another, completed over half of Amy's Project and even made some headway on the last of the corriedale that has been on the wheel over the last month or so. Oh, and I blended the tussah silk that dyed so badly. I even found time to do a bit of laundry and make lunches for this, the last full week of school. And yes, paperwork was attended to. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.
Now, you must excuse me while I attend to my flopping sock. 10 more rows...just 10 more rows...


trek said...

Lookie - a fertilized sock embryo.

Annie said...

What a whirlwind you are! All I managed was putting together a shelf unit and avoiding the World Cup