Tuesday, June 13, 2006

C'mon, Sheep...Focus!!!

I'm almost there...this time next week I will have somehow managed to survive my 18th year as a professional educator. Well, unless I snap and start flinging files, laptops and blank report cards about the hallways all the while screaming, "Attica, Attica!!!" (I have no idea why I would scream that. It's just gotten somewhat overwhelming.) I know that I will somehow manage to complete everything in time for "the big finish." I always do. But each year it seems to get harder...more to do, less time to do it, more kids who want to know why birds have beaks despite my obviously being otherwise engaged. Kids don't have a working knowledge of why my spending hours per day filling out forms on their behalf will make them better educated. I sort of don't either so it's hard to explain it to them. Thankfully, none have ever thought to ask.

I'm taking a short break from the paper trail tonight, though. I have two reports to finish for job #2 and really need to keep up with that. Given the high probability of the "hallway paper flinging" episode described in the above paragraph it might be in my best interest to have a back-up job in the works.

I also might like to reconnect with my sad little sockie who took so much abuse in the last post. Poor little thing. It can't help that it doesn't have solid motor control at this point and flops around on the needles like Raggedly Ann on crack. It just needs to grow up a little bit and get a firmer grip on the dpns. You know what they say: the second child never gets the same level of time and attention as the first. It's not that you don't love the second just as much; it's simply that the novelty has worn off somewhat.

ummm....clearly I have lost all sense of reality at this point and need professional help.

Stupid paperwork.



Teri S. said...

Ugh...paperwork. But it's almost over. Hang in there!

I thought I was the only one who hated starting stuff in the round. The needles don't work properly, the stitches either fling themselves off the ends of the needles or else slip furtively off (usually on the first row, which mean that I have to rip out and cast on...again). It's just darned awkward.

laurie in maine said...

No...second socks are supposed to be babied & spoiled rotten because all of the mistakes were made on first sock and the wonder of it all is they both grow up wonderfully balanced and well behaved in the end!