Thursday, June 29, 2006

Forging Ahead...Grudgingly!

'Tis yet another overcast and muggy day here in the wilds of southern Maine. And it looks like thunderstorms are imminent. Yet, The Sheep dug deep and found the strength to actually make some progress on her spinning.

Here are my purple toes ready to treadle like the wind!
Now, my "eyeball fiber division estimate" was somewhat off and the second bobbin was really nowhere near as full as the first. That'll teach me to weigh the stupid fiber...or not. I'll probably never get over my innate belief that I am all-knowing. At any rate, I was able to readjust a bit and wind some of bobbin #1 onto bobbin #2 and all was right with the world.

Ready for plying. When I get to it, that is.

Jaywalker #2 got some attention as well. I'm into the foot portion now and hope to have the pair complete sometime next week. We'll see what the weekend brings. Monday and Tuesday of next week are already blocked off for family fun and frolic (such as it is...) so I'm still looking at a cropped hobby schedule. That's's still early in the summer and there is plenty of time as my latest blog comments pointed out. :)

And, with any luck the weather will turn a bit and we'll finally see some sun! That should help my motivation. Either way, I was able to get moving a bit today.

Mr. Grasshead was most impressed.



trek said...

What, the scale is right there in the picture and you didn't weigh the fiber?! Sheep!

(Have to admit I whip out my scale at the slightest provocation here...)


Sheila said...

What kind of loom is that in the picture?
Congrats on finding your motivation!

Annie said...

Sheepish, I'm beginning to think we are sisters separated at birth. I had that very same weaving loom!

camadsmom said...

Love those feet. Of Course that is what I noticed. You go girl