Sunday, June 04, 2006

Greetings From Ground Zero

Has anyone checked in on poor Trek today??? Apparently my Monkey Pox, a virus hearty enough to travel via them internets, has given her the old smack-down and now she is putting out a plea to anyone within blogging range for assistance with hearth and home! Monkey are a curse, I tells ya!!! I am, however, considering a change of name for this plague. Being as I seem to be the proprietor and distributor of this, the "end of days," I feel that Sheepie Pox might be a better choice.

In that vein, The Sheep will be ambling back to the hospital on Tuesday for round three with the x-ray machine to see if the lungs have finally cleared. I'm also having a bone density test, but I honestly have no idea why I agreed to this. I was really sick when this was scheduled and I think it had something to do with the fact that I thought I had a broken rib at the time. Frankly, I'm not sure what the heck this is all about. I had a fever that ranged from 101 to a rousing 105 and would have agreed to a lobotomy and marriage to Rush Limbaugh had it been proposed.

Since the Monkey/Sheepie/Actually Pneumonia Pox didn't actually kill me, my rib is intact and my last name isn't Limbaugh at this point I have continued to live my life in it's usual fashion. I finished the main body of Amy's Project:

It isn't actually this wonky. It was spread across my knees for the shot.
I was also able to get in a few more rows on the Jaywalkers and may actually get to the toe by week's end if I focus. Of course that means I get to start over with sock #2, but by then it will be the weekend again. I also put on my "Hooker Hat" and spend some time hunched over the rug frame working the Reflecting Hearts rug. I'd show a picture, but the sad truth of the matter is this: hours spent rug-hooking does not for visible progress make. It still looks pretty much like the last time anyone saw it. And it's not that inspiring a project to begin with, really more of a learning exercise. I've mentioned before that I plan to have this done in time to display at my hundredth birthday party...this may not be much of an exaggeration!
And so, I close this Sunday post as I do so many: gotta go get ready for the week ahead in order that I might be fed and clad at the workplace. This is important, you know. A good week to all and better health to those who need it.
There is no vaccine for Sheepie Pox, you know. Only a high "fiber" diet will prevent it's devastation.
(get it??? get it??? fiber...ha!!! I slay me.)

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trek said...

Hmm - can I have a light fiber diet (cotton)? I'm trying to finish a sock for the Neatnik!