Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's A Whole New Week!

The Sheep is starting over. Last week was a trial. Attack of the killer bugs, bones that have more hollow spaces than my lungs, issues at work, power is all beginning to look a bit biblical. But I'm taking a positive view.

The bugs? Well, that little situation was put into perspective by Sheila over at
Ewenique Fiber. It seems she recently found a scorpion under her pillow, thereby proving what I have always known: No good can come from making the bed. Still, it does make one appreciate the wee little anties a bit more. Don't get me wrong; the squishing will still be an integral part of our relationship. I'll simply do it in a more reasonable frame of mind.

The gi-normous error noted in my Jaywalker #2 today as I was proudly (and admittedly ostentatiously) knitting away at my parents house today? The one that my mother noticed immediately despite not having taken any discernible interest in them up to that point? So what? I still got to debut my cool new sock bag from Trek:

A highly recommended accessory to all sock knitters!
Work issues? Only 1 1/2 more days and I'm back on summer break until September. (well, there will be a teeny bit more paperwork to finish up...)
And I've already mentioned my decision to deal with my well-ventilated bones by eating more ice cream so that little issue is really more of a boon than a curse if you just shift your perspective a fraction of an inch. That's "fraction" not "fracture." I don't want a fracture.
So, despite having a mountain of bills to tackle tonight and no real knitting progress to report, this Sheep is just merrily paddling down that river known as "Denial" with nary a care. It's a whole new week and I shall approach it with an attitude sunny enough to cause blindness and skin cancer to anyone within basking range.
Well, that's the plan anyway. Happy Father's Day to all who celebrate this Day 'o Dads!


trek said...

Gee that's such a cute sock bag ;o)

Wonder who this person trek is??

Hee hee

Lee Anne said...

Oh sounds like you have a lot to be in denial about. I think it would be tough finding out about your bones and all. I agree that ice cream is a fantastic solution for more calcium...I personally am eating it almost every day right now. Feeding the babies and all I can use all the calcium and sugar I can get these days. :)

Annie said...

Just to be in solidarity with you, I'm eating as much ice cream as possible. Mmmmm creamy caramella..........