Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It's raining. Again. Alot. Are you kidding me with this???

Frankly, I haven't been paying attention, but it wouldn't shock me to see the flood watches back up. Ironically, today was the day that the beleaguered homeowners of my "teaching town" could go to town hall for information on how to recoup some of the losses incurred during last month's wash of raging waters.

As I turned onto my own street today I noted that the helpful drains placed strategically along the roadway were backed up and that the waters were encroaching somewhat. Not enough for me to start pairing up the ants and wasps that have invaded my home and building them a teeny-weeny little ark...but it was enough to get my attention. Here's hoping that we aren't looking at another round of misplaced swimming pools. (like in people's living rooms)

The good thing about rain is that it certainly inspires one to knit a bit. Despite the fact that it is June and somewhat humid, there is something about the "pitter-patter" that makes me think, "must produce warm garments...must induce a feeling of snuggly-goodness..." Stuff like that.

So, after a much complained about work-out session, I hit the needles and spent some time on Amy's project and my Jaywalkers. Would love to post pix, but neither is really ready for viewing at this point. And Blogger keeps cutting out on me...clearly even it is tired of looking at the same stupid pictures of a sock in progress that never seems to get any bigger or more interesting. I don't blame it, really.

Must go fill sandbags never know. A Sheep needs to be prepared.

Wool shrinks when wet.



trek said...

It's raining here today, too. I am waiting for Noah to pick us up. Bleh. At least I am knitting! And I had a couple of people inquire about sock bags. I know I can bring my knitting on the ark but do you think that ark's have electricity for the sewing machine? Since the machine is a Viking, it will be at home on a boat.

On the down side, the Neatnik and I are * both * now sick - and it isn't even Monkey Pox. Ack, and she is crying from her bed - gotta go.

Mia said...

Yes, for God's sake... save the wool!

Raining here too... I got spoiled with that one nice weekend..

I should have known :-)