Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WNPB: I Have The Power! Except When I Don't...

Welcome to Wednesday! I have completely run out of interesting ways to introduce the fact that Wednesday is the night I do bullet-point posting instead of anything coherent. I'm just gonna dive right in. Maybe next week, I'll be feeling more creative...

*Spring has sprung. The weather is almost balmy!

*Hence, I have little to no interest in being a teacher anymore. I'm done with all this nonsense.

*Sadly, the school calendar and the government do not agree with this point of view.

*The power went out this morning. Bright and early. They made us keep all our students in the classrooms and wouldn't let us release them.

*They sent the School Resource Officer around to tell us this and he has the power to arrest those who do not exhibit compliance.

*Trapped. In my classroom. With my students. For hours.

*It got tense in there. We are already sick of one another and helplessly awaiting the school vacation next week. It is the only thing standing between us and possible crimes against one another.

*The rule is that we can't release the kids into the wild (or the hallway) until we get permission from the office. But no one ever got back to me.

*Either they forgot about me or they are trying to kill me so they can save the cost of my salary.

*I showed them. I just sent the kids to class when I saw everyone else going.

*They showed me. There was a staff meeting after school that I didn't know about. It was a long day followed by a long day.

*I am beginning to wonder if I will ever knit again. I can't seem to settle on anything that interests me.

*I want to want to knit. I yearn to want to want to knit. I pine...

*I am pinning my pining on next week's vacation. Perhaps some time off and away from students telling me that it is not fair that they are stuck in the room with me will lend some perspective to my life.

*And I'll knit once more!!

*Meanwhile, I'll just keep making vague references to knitting and hope that this qualifies me as one who still has a knitting blog of some sort.

*My school principal, who is a musical sort of fellow and who likes nothing better than including some kind of brief ditty in the morning announcements picked a doozy today.

*He often picks doozies. The kids don't know any of them.

*Sometimes I don't either.

*But today's selection, chosen especially for TV Turn-Off Week, was one I happened to know.

*In fact, I know it to the point of knowing all the words.

*And had little problem with periodically bustin' out a verse or two of this blast from 1980.

*All day long.

*Do you have any idea what that does to children? I owned their little butts!!!!

*And I just happen to be the sort of person who will also torture anyone else who crosses my path.

*Sorry about this...



trek said...

Hang in there, Sheepie - two days until vacation! You can make it.

And then you can make a Dishcloth (with sleeves).

Mel said...

Your principal isn't named Buggle, is he?

If it's any consolation, I haven't knat a stitch since I got home from India. I'm wanting to want to, also.

And my verification word is "undieti". Which I think means chocolate.

catsmum said...

just keep hangin' on in there girlie

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, just a couple days now and you're free for a week!

Karen said...

Two day and you'll be free to relax and do as you wish for a week.

Donna Lee said...

It's balmy there? This morning I had to start the car because it was covered with ice. Not just frost but the door- was- stuck- and -I -had- to- tug- on- it ice.

Anne said...

Thanks for sharing - soooo not!

A week's vacation with some knitting sounds pretty good right now!

Anonymous said...

I honestly think a bit of musical torture to be beneficial to the little monsters!

I think the week off will do wonders for you.

Cathy said...

Thank heavens I can't download you-tube (the benefits of slow dial-up!!) and won't be the hapless reader humming along with you.

School vacation, again? Jeez, didn't you just have a spring break or something? What a gig you have!! (d&r)

Kath said...

I am quite sure that a week away from the little darlings will do wonders for your knitting! I'm sure you have an productive, action-packed week planned, but don't forget to pencil in some quality napping also. ;)

Knitting Linguist said...

So close. Soooo close. And then you can not see them for a week! You can do it. (And then maybe start with some stockinette socks? They're sort of like eating toast and bananas when you're easing back into eating after not being able to eat for a while, right?)