Wednesday, April 01, 2009

WNBP: Because If It's Not Wednesday, I See No Reason To Go On...

Good, freakin' lord, it's been a day and a half!  I'm just going to kick back, revel in the fact that it is over and hope that a meteor strikes the earth sometime during the night.  I don't want the whole planet to go ker-blooey or anything.  I'd just like for things to be put on hold for a while so I can re-evaluate my life and career choices.  

In lieu of a catastrophic, but so totally not fatal in any way world event, I will accept Wednesday and the chance to do the bullet point post instead of having to make sense.  That will do.

*I awoke this morning to the distressing feeling of a cement truck on my feet.

*Oddly, this truck was leaping from foot to foot and making happy mewling sounds.

*Not a cement truck.  Just an Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty.

*AGKs can't tell time.  They don't know from 4:30 in the morning.  

*They just like it when feet move under the covers.

*I arrived at work this morning under gray and rainy skies.

*And tired.

*With kind of sore feet...

*I broke up another fight today.  This one was involved a chair and the need to grab it in mid-swing.

*I had help for this one, unlike yesterday when I had to make the hallways a safer place for all those other teachers who can't seem to notice when a big fight is starting.

*I did not knit today.  At least not yet.

*I probably should since it is such a soothing activity.

*I fear for my gauge, though.  Socks need to match.

*One normal sock.  One stressed-out-sock-knit-whilst-gritting-ones'-teeth-and-with-tightly-pulled-yarn.  Not good.  

*I like symmetry in my footwear.

*The entire middle school is a hotbed of irritability.  It's not just the kids.  

*The custodian and the 8th grade school counselor agree with me wholeheartedly.

*As does the librarian.

*The principal, upon hearing my theory that we should just shut the whole thing down before someone does something really crazy, did not see any problems whatsoever.  He doesn't see the danger and thinks I'm nuts for worrying.

*There was an hour long staff meeting this afternoon to discuss the schedule for next year.

*The first lunch is scheduled to start at 10:16.

*In the morning.

*It's the only way to get all the kids through the line and allow them the full lunch period.

*Apparently we are now serving brunch...

*Soggy fish sticks for brunch.  God help us all...

*Someone got their hands on some markers and drew all over the hallway.  And wrote some very creative suggestions...

*I can't tell if it was an adult or a kid.

*The third floor bathroom was utterly destroyed a few days ago.  Things were flushed that have no business going down a toilet.

*I was informed by one of the combatants in yesterday's near-brawl that it was a good thing I decided to patrol the halls this morning.  

*The hostilities between he and his intended foe continue.  It was Go-Time except that they saw me standing there.  

*They would have seen the School Resource Officer, but he left.  

*Apparently I looked to have it all under control.

*The school's email server refused to acknowledge my existence.  This was an issue because I needed to be logged into the new messaging center in time for the staff meeting this afternoon.

*I informed Tech Support in no uncertain terms that if I did not exist then I was going home.  

*He fixed it.

*We did not need to have the program installed for the meeting this afternoon.  We did not even use it.  

* I threatened Tech Support for nothing.  Tech Support is now a little scared of me.

*The stretch between the winter break and the spring break is a long one.  And the next person who tells me how lucky I am to have so many vacations will be getting a visit from me and my Absurdly Gi-normous Foot Soldier.

*We are holding on by a thread over there.  Moods are foul across the board.  We can barely even stand to look at each other.  We need a break before something gets broken.

But it is Wednesday and that counts for something.  Of course, it means that I have morning bus duty tomorrow and the second half of Parent/Teacher Conferences in the evening.  But it is still the half-way mark and I can survive the rest of the week if I really put my mind to it.  And if I break out the chocolate stash...



trek said...


PS - Please avoid mentioning the chocolate stash. Indulge in it if you must but please do not mention it.

:: frantically trying to find non-chocolate treat which will not trigger migraine ::

Mel said...

Mmmmmm, chocolate.

Anonymous said...

How many weeks until CWS? You can make it - I have faith in you (and your chocolate stash).

sophanne said...

Sheepie, it would seem that you have an ridiculous amount of conference days. They practically equal the lenght of any winter or spring breaks you get. Just saying'- you need more days off

dangerousLee said...

I can relate. Today I was reflecting on the time my father told me I should become a welder. I looked at him with three heads. I wanted to do something that involved helping others. I went into healthcare. Fast forward 23 years later and I was having one of those days. I was looking in the mirror at myself looking like I had three heads for ever thinking helping others was a noble thing. Tonight I am making Double Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Dream Bars for a bake sale at work on Friday. Tomorrow I'm making Knock You Naked Brownies and Chocolate Frosted Brownies topped with candy. Baking is a good way to unwind from potentially poor career choices. My verification is "spompi". I think I'll go spomping tonight.

Mia said...

yep.. those threads that we're hangin' on to seem to be brittle everywhere these days, but at least you have a spring break to look forward to. And at least tomorrow's Friday.

Donna Lee said...

We are having the same very agitatied state of existence here. Everyone is on edge and I expect things will blow one day and it won't be pretty. And this is a mental health center.

Just think, in a short while, your spring break is coming.....deep breaths.

Karen said...

What a week, and it's only Wednesday! I wonder what has everyone on edge. Is it a full moon?

Knitting Linguist said...

Definitely break out the chocolate stash, you deserve it! That's just craziness, all of it (although I'm particularly stuck on the whole 10:30 lunch thing; do they not get that this means that something is very wrong with the universe?).

Cursing Mama said...

Too bad the time before spring break when tensions are really high is really just the "warm-up" exercise to that period before school is officially out for the year.

I think maybe you might want to get some more people on your side for that. Or Zombies.. maybe they could be turned into guards...kinda like the Dementors from Harry Potter!

Kath said...

Swinging chairs??? Okay, so at what point do you get hazard duty pay? And if you start serving soggy fish sticks & mystery meat at quarter after 10 in the morning, aren't the dear kiddywinks who ate first going to be hungry and cranky before the end of the school day? That would make me nervous...

Yarnhog said...

Having Tech Support a little scared of you is a good thing. Not TOO scared, because then they just dodge your requests. But a LITTLE scared is very helpful.