Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WNBP: You Can't Help But Disinfect...

Well, hello there, Wednesday! You certainly do have a way of making an impact when you put your mind to it. You can run the gamut...highs and lows! Nicely done! Since you are also the day when I get to do The Very Random Wednesday Night Bullet Post, then I suppose I should proceed immediately to the Very Random Rundown of my day:

*As of this afternoon, there were two confirmed cases of Swine Flu up here in the wilds of Maine. Two...

*The Commissioner of Education met with the superintendents of the schools and pretty much formally activated the state plan for containing any possible spread of the piggy virus.

*I am now going to write a word that I do not believe I have ever written on my very G-rated blog. I apologize in advance to those of you who object to this sort of thing, but I'm hoping you can see my point.


*It's not so much a fear of contracting the flu. I've been taking the normal precautions since this first started and there isn't really much else a person can do.

*But when you take the "dem" out of Pandemic...

*You get Panic.

*This should be fun. We get to try and find that delicate balance between not panicking the children and convincing them to take the whole hand-washing thing a bit more seriously.

*It should be even more fun when the parents get the letter that went home today. The CDC is pretty stern about this stuff. The procedures in place should anyone dare to present with flu-like symptoms are comprehensive.

*Very comprehensive.

*Comprehensive to the point of me being able to stay home and knit for 7 days should there even be a chance of infection anywhere in the school.

*I do not disagree with any of this. Kids are goopy by nature and many are inclined to pick their noses at will. I wholeheartedly support any and all measures in place to keep infection contained.

*I also have a somewhat compromised lung situation so I would prefer to not get this flu.

*It's the general sense of panic that is going to be unpleasant for a while.

*I won't swear at you again. But feel free to imagine me thinking it...

*I recently loaned the school secretary a couple of movies from my collection.

*I love her. She "gets" me.

*She understands almost all of the very obscure movie references I make during the day.

*She can talk about zombies with me. Intelligently.

*That is harder to do than you might think...

*She brought a movie in for me to watch this weekend.

Like I said...she "gets" me.

*I made a lasagna last weekend. My sister-in-law had some leftover sauce after my brother's birthday party and handed it off to me since I might starve without sauce in the house.

*You would weep if you tried this sauce. Seriously. It's that good.

*It made a great lasagna!

*Veggie lasagna.

*Did you know that Absurdly Gi-normous Kitties really, really like veggie lasagna?

*They love it passionately. Wholly and completely. To the point of obsession.

*Especially if they are denied access.

*Seriously. He'd sell each and every one of you on the internet for just one serving.

*Hey! Guess who was informed recently by her baby brother that her phone was less than functional?

*That'd be me.

*And guess what else? Phones are on sale right now to the point of stupid!

New phone. Shiny, with lots of buttons.

*I'll probably never figure most of them out. That's OK. I just like buttons.

*It has an internet browser, too.

*The home page featured a story on the Swine Flu pandemic.

*Insert your favorite curse word here*

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Please make sure to wash your hands and cough into your sleeve. I'll just be over here waiting out the panic, watching killer sheep tear up New Zealand and pushing shiny buttons until I figure out what they do.



Donna Lee said...

We got our "don't panic" but "wash your hands and stay home if you're sick (yeah, right)" email today. They are quick to point out that there are no confirmed cases in our area. I saw the CDC's list. It gives one pause.....Since I work in a health care facility, we will never close. We'll just soldier on.

trek said...

I spoke with one of Neatnik's classmate's moms this evening. She is thoroughly and truly panicked. To the point of calling her doctor to get a pre-emptive prescription for anti-flu meds to take on a weekend trip.

BTW - My word verification is "frimpt". There is something wrong with that...

Anonymous said...

Crap. You have my sympathy.

I teach in IL and my school is 30% hispanic. Many of my students were in Mexico over spring break, but that was in March, so we might be safe. The school district next to mine is 75% hispanic. We might be OK until June 9 (last day of school). I'm hoping.

In any case, good luck and enjoy the handwashing.

Take care.

Kath said...

I'll see your two cases and raise you 14 in California. And my little corner of the world is a very hispanic community, with strong ties to Mexico. I'm just hoping people here stay calm and act sensibly.

Anonymous said...

Here in Wisconsin we have zero cases so far. But our county board chairman is in Mexico even as I type, so who knows how long that purity of essence may last.

Feel free to swear as much as you need to in my presence. I can take it. I may even join you.

Mel said...

All this time and you still haven't watched Black Sheep?!

Oh, and I'm not panicking about swine flu at all, even though David will likely lock me in the bedroom and seal it off completely if I should contract it. Good thing I'm an obsessive handwasher.

Anonymous said...

Clover and I may be the only ones in our house who are not in panic mode. After hearing about a daycare center in KENNEBUNK being closed, Samm is ready to lock Clover in the house and Hubby is talking about buying enough food to last any quarantine we may be subjected to. Jay is freaking to the point of showering before even saying hello to Clover after a workout at the gym.

Karen said...

I made the mistake of listening to the radio talk shows yesterday. People called in to say they were taking their kids out of school even before anyone in their school is sick. The level of panic was high. I'm not worried. Yet.
My son's school keeps magic soap in every classroom and the kids love to use it. Maybe that would work for your students.

Elaine said...

I thought about you when I saw Baldy and his pal Dora on TV.... and then saw about that school and daycare closing. So if you are forced to stay home (and work on the dishcloth(with sleeves) ) will you have to extend the school year even longer? That would be grim. Go wash your hands.......

Mouse said...

Thankfully my MIL hasn't called yet freaking out about taking my son out of school "just in case"... I'm just waiting for it though because she's a bit.. uh, prone to panic.. shall we say. I'm sure her and FIL are among those who believe that the Obama administration is "behind" this flu pandemic. *sigh*
Good luck Sheepie.. stock up on that hand sanitizer stuff!

=Tamar said...

I live in a Hispanic neighborhood, the kind that has storefronts where it's easy to send money home to Mexico. On the other hand, both my parent survived 1918. I'm considering buying some masks. In 1918 they made it illegal to sneeze in public without covering your face.

My verification word is vistl. Vistl vile you verk...

soxanne said...

A new book for you: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Austen, Jane and Seth Grahame-Smith.

Really - it just came out today