Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WNBP: Spring Break Style!

We are kicking it Old School over here. least I got the "old" part right. I don't exactly do spring break like I did back in the day. That's OK. I still enjoy myself. It's just that now I don't have to worry about ending up in the newspaper or anything...

Here's today's highlights:

*I had a lovely time knitting amongst others last night. It was good to get back down to The Yarn Sellar and see everyone.

*Here's a tip, though. Don't try to sneak in the "practice" project you are knitting in cheap acrylic and hope that no one will notice.

*They will. Or you will feel such guilt over the whole thing that you will confess your fiber sins before they get around to doing so.

*I have yarn adequacy issues...

*And a weird need to practice simple patterns that I could easily do in "real" wool were I to just sit down and do them.

*It is currently raining.

*It wasn't earlier. In fact, we had sunshine for a while there. It was quite nice. The windows were open...the breezes were wafting through the manse...mmmmmm!

*I wasn't the only one who appreciated it:

The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty also appreciated the chance to bask in the spring sunshine for a moment or two.

And was less than thrilled to have to participate in an impromptu photo shoot rather than squint into the early afternoon sunshine.

*He'll get over it.

*Probably some time around dinner.

*I had an email today from regarding my last prescription. I use them for the stuff insurance doesn't cover. It's cheaper.

*They wanted to let me know that the company who produces my medication was offering a rebate.

*That's nice. Twenty five bucks is nothing to sneeze at!

*It would be even better if I ever remembered to follow through on these sorts of things. I am not good with stuff that requires paperwork.

*The email went on to explain that they'd already taken care of it and requested a credit to my debit card.

*We love them. They are nice. They know I forget stuff sometimes...

*I spent a lovely day nesting. There was some general tidying of the living room and kitchen.

*Didn't really make a dent, but I still feel better about it.

*I even knit a bit whilst watching one of the latest Zombie Awareness Training Films to come into my possession:

Straight to dvd movie and project in cheap acrylic yarn. At least I am consistent...

In spite of the rains that began to fall later in the day, I still call this Wednesday a winner. Very relaxing. Spring break may not be quite as interesting as it was before I got all worried about possibly breaking a hip whilst frolicking on the beaches, but it's still pretty good.

And you can't knit acrylic on the beach anyway. Too sticky...



trek said...

"To sticky"

Fix the grammar! :o)

Sounds like a great Wednesday in Maine.

kmkat said...

That acrylic project looks like another of your dishcloths [with sleeves]. Could it be?

AGK is so cute and majestic and fluffy and all.

Gayle said...

Will there be a review of the Zombie Training film -- we need to know if it belongs in our libraries so we'll be ready for the apocalypse?

Kath said...

Such a handsome boy he is!

You think acrylic is bad at the beach - try wool. :/

Mel said...

I believe that I refrained from casting aspersions on your acrylic "dishcloth" and even commented that the color was nice. Of course, Cascade 220 is really a very reasonably-priced wool yarn that will make a nice "dishcloth" without breaking the bank. Just sayin'.

Julie said...

You need to get some help with your yarn adequacy issues. Your "dishcloth" is pretty (even if it is 'cheap acrylic').

Mia said...

acrylic rocks and it's a great color too! Enjoy your spring break girlie. It was all I could do not to call in this morning ::sigh::

Knitcoach said...

I love I guess you could call what I did in the yard yesterday, nesting, too. It felt good to tidy up a bit and plant some nasturtium seeds.

Sounds like you had a very lovely day!

Cursing Mama said...

Just so you know - in my early days I knit a dishcloth out of acrylic and acrylic does really poor as a dish cleaner. You didn't think I'd actually knit one of your kinds of dishcloths did you?

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the acrylic/straight-to-dvd combo; so very apropos :)

debsnm said...

I love cheap acrylic yarn! I practice knit all the time. Problem is, I end up with really cute stuff in a color that doesn't really suit, so I have to make another one. I guess that's what practice means, huh?