Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WNBP: Because I Think That's What I'm Supposed To Do

Meh.  I can't even think of a catchy intro tonight.  Let's just say that it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post and get right into the random, shall we?

*I remain utterly lost regarding the day in which I am currently existing.

*It's like some horrible straight-to-cable sci fi movie.

*The Day That Wasn't What She Thought.

*The Three Day Weekend That Ate Her Brain

*Time Warp For One.

*It was a peaceful sort of day, though.  All was quiet over at Ms. Sheep's Classroom Of Learning And Creative Behavior Management.

*This was most likely due to the fact that in my absence yesterday, half my class was "invited" to take today off from school.

*It was strongly encouraged.  Parents were called.  Paperwork was involved. 

*Tomorrow they have all been "invited" to return to school as they have surely learned their lessons.

*I should make sure to not get lost on the way to work tomorrow or think that it is Saturday.

*They don't do so well when I am not there to keep the peace.

*Happy Pink Sock The Second In Progress:

Knit upon whilst riding the little exercise bike this afternoon and ignoring my headache.

*Happy Pink Socks are the recommended treatment for teachers who can never, ever take a sick day lest their classroom devolve into something out of Lord Of The Flies.

*I had 17 emails waiting for me this morning...

*It also doesn't hurt to locate half a bag of chocolate chips in the back of the cupboard.

*Probably a good thing that I spent 45 minutes on the little exercise bike this afternoon...

*I'm giving some thought to knitting the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  I'm not sure...

*I have just a wee bit of fear in the face of the knitted-in hem thingie.  I'm sure I can do it.  Except for the part where I sometimes think I can't.

*Which is ridiculous because I know I can knit.  And I've hemmed stuff before.  

*I have the skills.  I just need to merge them a bit.

*It can't be any harder than keeping order in my classroom or never being able to take a sick day because the world doesn't really deserve a hostile takeover which is being coordinated from my temporarily vacated office.

I think that I am glad tomorrow is Thursday even if that does mean that I have morning bus duty.  The Three Day Weekend Followed By A Training Day Which Has Rendered Me Calendar-Impaired has been good for something.  There was the whole not working thing and now the week itself is almost over.  If I ignore the part where my students developed separation anxiety in my absence and completely fell apart, then I think it all works out nicely.

Let us not discuss how next week is a full five days...



Karen said...

The sock looks great!!
I hope tomorrow is uneventful.

Kath said...

Wow, all those school years and no one ever "invited" me to stay home. And I don't think I was all that good. I shudder to imagine what a student could do to cause that to happen.

And if you are indeed thinking of knitting another dishcloth, I happen to think that is a very fine dishcloth pattern and would result in a very useful and attractive dishcloth. Just watch out for the errata!

Lorraine said...

Oh my, how nice it must be to be needed so - NOT!

I LOVE that . . . er . . . dishcloth pattern, too. I say go for it.

Knitting Linguist said...

Denial is a good thing. Don't think about next week. Don't think about knitted hems. Just dive in and do it. Meanwhile, pet the pretty pink sock as necessary.

Donna Lee said...

I'm betting on you and being able to hem the dishcloth. I mean, how hard can it be? You can do it, you have the technology......

Cursing Mama said...

I'm married to someone who was frequently "invited" to go home sometimes for days at a time - he was also "invited" to spend his school day in a quiet room away from everyone else. I can tell you that there were absolutely no lessons learned.

Alwen said...

That's a very cheerful pink sock.

What day is it now?

Anonymous said...

It gives me comfort to know that you are out there on the Right Coast, keeping peace and calm amongst the savages. Kind of like The Dude*. As one who was an incorrigible goodie-two-shoes in school, I cannot imagine what your job is like nor how you manage to do it and do it well.

*The Big Lebowski.

trek said...

I think that maybe you should have a test run before knitting a hem on a dishcloth. Why don't you mosey on over to my blog and knit yourself up a JIT Hat? It has a nice little knitted in hem. You can definitely finish a JIT Hat's hem in one evening. And it will give you something to think about other than how wired your students were today on their return to school.

Luna said...

I admired a couple of a friend's handmade sweaters, um... I mean dishcloths, and she keeps telling me how easy it is.

I don't trust her judgment any more.

knitseashore said...

What is going to happen to your students during February vacation, or gasp, summer? Are they uninvited to school for most of September, til the rest of the students are already acclimated?

They don't pay you enough, Sheepie, for what you do.

Beth said...

Lord of the Flies...that book (and the original movie) really affected me when I read it in 9th grade. That started my bouts of vegetarianism. :)