Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is the middle of the week, the day we all know as Wednesday.  Some folks call it Humpday, but I just never seemed to get the hang of that little piece of the vernacular.  To me, it'll always be Wednesday...

Except that it is just a bit more now that I am one of those foolhardy "daily bloggers."  It is also the time of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Let's face it...I can't be coherent and consistent with the topic all the time.

Here's your bullet points for this particular seven day stretch:

*We are having something of a Wind Chill Situation over here today.

*It is somewhere around eight thousand degrees below zero.

*No.  I am most certainly not exaggerating. And, quite frankly, I resent the implication.

*I know when I am cold.  I am very, very aware of these things.

*Temperature Sensitive...that's me.  

*Hence, I can speak with great authority regarding the current situation with the temperature.  

*No.  You do not need to bother checking the thermometer.  If we can't trust one another by now...

*Here's some alpaca.  I hear good things about alpaca and its ability to keep me warm when the mercury dips below the -1000 degree mark.

*This is the end result of having opened a most delightful gift box from Ronni:

That girl has good taste in fiber.  Very good taste, indeed!  And it spun like a dream...

*No.  The fact that this fiber sat in the stash for a year does not mean that it is not utterly fantastic.  I simply wanted to be completely sure of myself before setting wool to wheel.

*You don't mess with alpaca.  Alpaca will be good to you if you are good to the alpaca.

*I wore an alpaca sweater to school on Monday.  It was cold.

*Not as cold as today, though.  Sort of wishing I'd saved the 'paca for Wednesday Wear...

*Next Tuesday is the day I am scheduled to teach the second half of that Safety Procedures class.  18 or so teachers are supposed to come sit before me and grow ever wiser under my tutelage.

*It is also the day that we inaugurate a brand new president.  There are about a million televisions reserved all across the school district so that the kids can watch.

*This is not going to be a good day to be teaching Safety Procedures.  This fact was pointed out to me (very kindly) by one of our trainees.  

*It would have been nice to hear that my tutelage was worth missing the inauguration...but let's be realistic here.

*I'm working with The Responsible Person Who Took Charge Of Setting This Up Because She Knew Better Than To Leave It In My Hands to get the next class rescheduled.  

*I feel badly about that.  She really did do most of the work around getting this class pulled together so I can get paid to teach it.  

*It almost seemed like I was criticizing her for not remembering the whole deal with the president...

*To make matters worse, she's the one that I just learned is a fellow spinner.  We should have a certain amount of solidarity going on.

* gotta give the people what they want.  

*When a class of students sitting in a "mandatory" course turn on you, it can get really, really ugly.

*All resident felines have been informed that they will be setting aside their differences and sleeping in the bed with Mommy tonight.

*When it gets dark, it gets even colder.  (that is science...)  We could be looking at nine thousand degrees below zero if the dark and the wind chill start coordinating their assault upon us!

*And who, pray tell, is going to open the cans for them tomorrow if I succumb to frostbite in the overnight hours???????

*Should start thinking about getting an alpaca as a house pet...

Enjoy whatever may be left of your Wednesday or the memory of it in the event that you find this post after the day has dwindled down to nothing.  I shall spend what's left of mine huddling under a cat or two and doing what I can to survive until the morning.  I'm sort of regretting rinsing out that alpaca sweater I wore on Monday.  It's still wet.

Otherwise, I could have slept in it tonight.



Yarnhog said...

So, I have a proposal. A sort of "Trading Places" if you will. You come here, where it has been 80 degrees for a week with no relief in sight, and take care of my two measly kids, and I will pack up all the wool sweaters that I never get to wear and take over your many, many more wild things for a week. No one would notice, would they?

Kath said...

Oh gods - yarnhog has given up my secret. I really wasn't planning to tell you that the west coast of Southern California is experiencing a heat wave this week. It just seemed sorta unfair!

But it does sound like she's offering you an awfully good deal...

Lorraine said...

GAH! We're with you in the deep freeze. Even with two cats on the bed, it's hard to avoid frostbite.

Meanwhile, certain nameless teenagers still insist that they don't need to break out the winter coats and gloves. Brrrrr!

Beth said...

Brr...stay warm!!! It's not nearly as cold here, of course, but it is supposed to be below freezing for 55 hours. I need to run upstairs and pull out all the wool!

I was going to watch the inauguration on Tuesday, too. But now I have a doctor's appointment in the AM. I'll be taping it and watching it later. Good luck with the class!

katherine said...

Love reading your blog. I have serious cat jealousy here, can't have any because of allergies, but I want them for a warm blanket tonight! (20 miles west of Minneapolis, MN--at midnight it's -19 F with windchill -40 F.)I've added a ninety year old crocheted wool blanket that my grandmother made while growing up in Greece. It's navy blue, red and orange I'm counting on the colors helping to keep me warm. It's also coarse wool so it's on top of the down comforter.

Anonymous said...

It's supposed to get even colder over the next few days! Brrrrr.

Mia said...

Uh Sheepie.. it's now Thursday morning, and I'd say just a weeeee bit colder. Like -2000 degrees when i left the house - um that is when i left the house where the tap water was frozen from the cold.

Just sayin'.

Lynne said...

I don't suppose you want to know that it was 1000* more than zero here today? Well, 43.3*C in fact: that's 110*F! No snuggles with kitties going on here, let me tell you! LOL

trek said...

It's cold here too.

About +20° Kelvin.

I think I will wear layers today.

Maybe four or five...

Donna Lee said...

It was cold enough this morning that I wore handknit wool socks even though they don't technically match my clothes. I don't care. Frostbite is an ugly thing and my toes are always cold. I was wondering if thrummed socks might be a good thing.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm guessing that sleeping with an alpaca would be less fun than sleeping with the cats -- all those hoofs and all... I'll trade you some heat for some cold, eh?

Anonymous said...

It was a 2-dog and 2-cat night here on Wednesday night. It would have been a 3-dog and 3-cat night if we had more animals. Note to self: investigate available warmth-giving mammals at the Humane Society when we dare venture from the house.