Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Deep Thoughts

OK.  The thoughts aren't exactly deep.  It is, after all, the night of the Wednesday Night Bullet Post and nothing about that is ever all that soul searching.  But the snow is deep.  Very deep.  So deep that I am considering going all "bear" on the situation and hibernating until the seasons have something better to offer.  

While I continue to ponder that course of action, let us look at the bullet points for this week:

*For those of you who have been on the edges of your various seats, wondering just how it all went, take heart!  I will now share.

*Because I suspected it was going to be a snow day today, I had no problem whatsoever getting out of bed.  I leaped out from under the covers like a nine year old!

*Hence, I was able to see my school district scrolling across the screen at 5:00 this morning.  

*It is a weird convolution of bodily chemistry that makes us more willing to arise in the morning when we don't believe we have to go anywhere.  Tomorrow I'll be right back to the same sluggishness come 5:00 in the a.m.

*I went out there long enough to take out the trash and to move my car.  That's it.  Lots of snow.  

*Sheepie stays inside.

*Sheepie is not going to be able to find her car tomorrow.  

*Sheepie is going to be late for morning bus duty since there is no way school will be cancelled again.  

*Now that Sheepie thinks of it, she also needs to stop for gas.

*Maybe Sheepie will be very late and get fired.  That would solve the whole getting-up-in-the-morning problem...

*A snow day is very good for all things fibery.  I finally managed to get a daylight shot of the yarn I finished spinning over the weekend:

The color is still off, but I'm tired of trying to capture its beauty.  Some things were just not meant for bloggy eyes, I suppose.

*The fiber was part of a comment contest prize package sent to me by Jane a while back.

*Very soft, very squooshy, very pretty!  And it spun like a dream...

*Very happy yarn!

*Speaking of Happy, I also finished a pair of socks today!  

Happy Pink Socks, no less!

*And I finished them in time to wear on that second trip out to move the car.  

*When I say that these socks make me happy, you have no idea.  "Happy" may even be an understatement.

*I may have already mentioned the snow.  Not sure I brought up the cold...

*This WNBP really does seem to be a salute to Jane.  That yarn was also in the prize package she sent me.

*It's been all Jane, all the time around here for a while!

*Today, Jane kept my feet warm.

*I got have waffles for breakfast this morning.  Snow days are nice.

*Making up snow days is not so nice.  I have to go to school on those days and I don't get waffles.  

*If you hate me right now for being able to stay home, just sit tight.  Pretty soon I will be all sad and waffle-less.  

*And it will be really hot.  And I'll still be teaching children who do not wish to be in school any more than I do.

*I give you permission to laugh at that point.  Just not to my face.  I will probably be a little touchy.  

*To reduce the chances that people will laugh at me in June, I am not going to mention the nice nap I took this afternoon.  That would only add fuel to the fire.

*Cold medication.  I got all sleepy and couldn't help myself...

*Seriously, you guys.  I have no idea how I am going to find my car tomorrow.  This concerns me.

*Not enough to go out into what is now sleet to clear it off a bit, mind you.  Just enough to worry about it, is all.

*I am so totally not going out there.  Weather is not my friend.

*Although it does do a nice job of keeping me home with the knitting.

It seems as though it is time to take another dose of the sleepy cold medicine.  If nothing else, it makes me not think about my buried car anymore.  I will deal with it tomorrow, hopefully well before departure time since I have that pesky morning bus duty at 7:00. 

But that is tomorrow and very far away.  For now, I will just enjoy having had a day at home and not going out in this mess.  Bus duty and buried cars don't fit into that mindset.

And maybe we will have one of those Delayed Starts tomorrow.  That would solve the problem...



Mel said...

We seem to be getting freezing rain here in Portland at the moment. I'm just hoping the plow guy comes before my car is too heavily encrusted to chip free.

My verification word is "sting".

Anonymous said...

I know where my car will be the garage. love SIL

trek said...

We are listening to the winds howl outside the dining room windows. It is loud. Very loud.

And cold. Did I mention the coldness?

I think that I shall just bundle up on the couch by Number Guy and work on my happy new sock. It is a very happy sock and I should knit on it.

But I couldn't miss Sheepie's WNBP.

Knitting Linguist said...

Um, is it just my inexperience that makes me wonder if snow + sleet + freezing night temperatures = carsicle? Carcube? I'm not sure what the word is, but it doesn't sound good. The socks will help, though. Definitely.

Donna Lee said...

Tomorrow should be better here. We got through the worst of it today. I promise not to laugh at you when you're in school in July because I'll be in work then,too.

Anonymous said...

Yay for snow days! Boo for having to make them up!

Leigh said...

My but you've had a productive day. I absolutely love that yarn!

Mia said...

well, i don't get a snowday, and i laughed where you said you jumped out of bed so early because you thought it would be... so I jumped out of bed this morning at 4:30, went out and shoveled the driveway for an hour (the car still has not been freed tho), and THEN called in sick. I KNEW I was gonna be sick when I was done and that's probably why I got out there so fast!

Besides.. I'll have to work all thru June anyway.. and July and August too so I don't feel too bad about it. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Although I had to go to work yesterday, we did get to go home early. At 3:00. 1 1/2 hours early. Right in the middle of the worst part of the storm. The powers that be where I work are so considerate, aren't they?

Cursing Mama said...

This might be the time to invest in one of those remote car starters. I have found mine rather helpful in locating the lost vehicle - and if you are on your toes & get it started from far away inside early enough the snow is all melted from the windshield. My boss is perplexed as to why I feel the need to do it when we have a dusting - but I wanna get my money out of it.

Jeanne said...

What pretty pink socks! Happy pink.

You've mentioned waffles so many times that I'm tempted to dust off Mom's waffle maker and do just that. I'm a grownup. I can haz waffles for dinner.

Anonymous said...

You will appreciate taking a look at today's front page of the Houston (Texas) Chronicle at
It warns of zombies in Austin. Berta

Kath said...

I won't hate you for staying home or for the nap, 'cause I get those too, but the waffles? Yeah, that was pushing it.

Apparently I need a wafflemaker.

Beth said...

I love your yarn and your socks!