Wednesday, January 07, 2009

And The Final Verdict (in wnbp format)...

I woke up this morning not really knowing just what the day would bring.  There seemed to be more in the way of activity outside in the world of weather than I'd originally thought so it certainly seemed possible that there might be a snow day in the making.  I struggled my way out of the blankets and past eight million sleeping kitties to see what the verdict might be.

Sure enough, the news was scrolling my school district's name across the screen right when I turned on the television.  No school for Sheepie.  That is always sort of a mixed blessing.  Any day off from the teaching responsibilities is something to celebrate.  But it is still rather early in the season and I would like to see the end of this school year at some point.  They can't keep me past the end of June, but still...

However, I feel it is very important to take what life gives you and make the most of it.  If the universe decided that I was going to be staying home today, then I supposed I should go ahead and get jiggy with it.  

Here's your Wednesday Night Bullet Post with a side of Snow Day:

*I'm rather glad I put out the waffle mix last night.

*There is nothing better than a waffle on a wintry morn when you have the time to make them.

*It is also rather nice to tuck a few in the freezer so that waffling can continue into the future with a minimum of fuss.

*I watched the pandas for a while:

Panda-Cam...I loves me some pandas!!!

*They were up early this morning.  It was something like 3:00 a.m. when I first tuned in.  Every once in a while, a panda would wander groggily by the cameras.

*Probably going to the bathroom or remembering that they forgot to turn off the outside lights before going to bed...

*Fabulous lines:  

"Johnny really discovered the cemetery after he'd started living at Granddad's.  This was Phase Three of Trying Times, after the shouting, which had been bad, and the Being Sensible About Things (which had been worse; people are better at shouting).  Now his dad was getting a new job somewhere on the other side of the country.  There was a vague feeling that it might all work out, now that people had stopped trying to be sensible.  On the whole, he tried not to think about it."

*Terry Pratchett's  Johnny And The Dead...snagged it from the school library.  A lovely way to kill some time on a snow day!

*I finished a Happy Pink Sock:

Because on a dark and dreary sort of day, you just can't not love a pink sock!

*Lorna's Laces is rather skinny yarn, I've found.  So I knit this on size 2s.  

*Oddly, it's a little bit big.  But in a good way.  

*Pink Socks That Are Happy should be a bit big, I think.  

*More of the Happy...

*Big Fluffy Kitty demonstrating her strategy for dealing with inclement weather:

She is teaching an on-line course in Advanced Nestling through a local university if anyone is interested.

*I did not ply any Shetland.

*A few days ago, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty happened to notice the BFK napping in the spinning chair.

*He looked about as surprised as anyone I've ever seen.

*This was followed by "delight."  As in, "OMG, I never thought of that!!!"

*This, in turn was followed by a great deal of Sister Bothering.

Now I can't ply.

*Turnabout it fair play, I suppose.  It's not like I remembered to clean the litter box today.  And I vacuumed.  Which is not something that is really appreciated around here.

*However, in my defense, the vacuuming was necessary.  The AGK has gotten all 'splody.

*I've seen dogs do this.  And I guess I knew cats did it.  I've just never seen it so up close and personal.

*Kitty gets exponentially fluffier.  Then, without warning....PWOOF!!!!

*Fur literally flies.  It's everywhere.  It's like he's lost his factory undercoating or something...

*The BFK just gets mats.  That is also unpleasant, but you don't have to vacuum as much.

*I hope to do some plying before bed tonight.  

*But I need to be in bed early.  Every day can't be a snow day.  Tomorrow I must head back to work.

*And I just remembered that I also have morning bus duty.  Gah!!!

So there you go!  Sheepie's snow day!  Once you decide to just sit back and enjoy the ride instead of complaining about the detour, it can be rather pleasant.  You almost don't even notice that there is ice falling from the sky or how the plows that you pay to clear out your parking space drive away when you go out to move your car.  (They did come back later and all is well now, though)

Now that I think of it, why can't every day be a snow day?  



Jeanne said...

AGK got all 'splody! LOL! Reminds me of this comic:


You may not be able to ply, but you could sure spin up that cat! My goodness, he is floofy!

trek said...

Because Sheepies like to eat occasionally (as do their kitties) and enjoy the benefits of indoor plumbing and, in fact, the whole living indoors thing.

And Mommy and Daddy Sheep are not letting you move back to their place.

Kath said...

I've got a pair of pink/blue/lavender socks-in-progress using Lorna's Laces and I'm using size 1 needles. I expect that someday when I finish them, they will fit perfectly, but they are taking forever to knit. But yes, we all need more happy pink socks, 'specially when the weather is not so happy!

And truly, you do NOT want to know what I first thought when you said AGK got all 'splody...

Donna Lee said...

My daughter was just telling me how wonderful Terry Pratchett was at dinner tonight and then you go and quote his book. Hmmm, sounds like a conspiracy. I guess I'll have to give him a try. I used to love snow days until it came time to make them up....

Karen said...

The sock is beautiful!!
AGK looks bigger and fluffier. How is that possible if he's 'splody?

Anne said...

we had a lovely 2 hour delay, which meant that the morning was very relaxed ... Elder Daughter went off at 9 and Littlest Daughter didn't start school til 10:50. And my students weren't whiny, and all was well. But no happy pink socks here. Ah well, there's plenty of winter left and now I have time to buy more waffle mix!

Alwen said...

I love Terry Pratchett. Tiffany Aching is good, too, especially the first one!

Beth said...

Congrats on the snow day and the eating of waffles!

Anonymous said...

I assume you have read Hogfather. Because if you haven't, you really are not a proper Terry Pratchett fan. Hie thee to the library and pluck it from the shelf.

Although I have lived with kitty kats my entire life on this planet, I swear I did not know they got all 'splody. Our senior dog does it (it's called blowing her coat) and the fur flies everywhere. Huh. Cats going 'splody. Who knew?

Mel said...

Some of us have to drive to work on snow days. And also on slush days like today. Not fun.

And your pink sock reminds me of Little Pink Sock from the comic strip "Mutts". I highly recommend it.

Teri S. said...

I do loves me a snow day. However, it's been ages since I've had one. Between the wonders of being able to work remotely and the decided lack of snow, the opportunity just hasn't come up. We have gotten a lot of rain recently. Too bad it wasn't snow. That would have been awesome!

Thanks for letting me enjoy a snow day vicariously through you!

Cursing Mama said...

Trek makes an excellent point as to why every day can not possibly be a snow day; I think that eating waffles every day may have some negative side affects also, but to be sure I'm willing to be the guinea pig on that test.

As our zoo has increased so has the fur factor - I highly recommend a grooming tool called the furminator - its a bit pricey but hot damn does it get the fur out. It could potentially provide hours of entertainment, and some fiber that just might spin.....

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to have just one snow day!

Where do I sign up for BFK's class?

knitseashore said...

Please send lots of snow. I am home anyway, but now I won't feel guilty about not doing anything.

If BFK needs teaching assistants, I have a few to recommend...Rainy's resume photo is on the New Year blog post. :)

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, I have that book on the waiting list at my local library. Can't wait. And we just saw the pandas at our zoo last week -- aren't they good fun to watch?

catsmum said...

gotta love the opportunity to catch up on some Terry-of-the-Clan-Pratchett reading.
- haven't read Johnny and the Dead yet
I shall
I shall