Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Planned Ahead, If You Can Believe It.

It was a near thing.  Had I not thought to plan ahead for my Sunday post, I would have been left with only screen captures from my Panda-Cam widget with which to entertain.

The pandas were very active today, but that might not be as interesting to you as it is to me...

However, knowing that today was not going to be a very productive day from a fibery standpoint, I took pictures last night so you wouldn't be left thinking that I have a panda obsession.  (The fact that I do happen to have a panda obsession notwithstanding) My plans for the day were happy ones, though.  And there was cake involved so I am assuming you will understand.

Today there was a gathering of Sheep which included myself, Mommy Sheep, Baby Brother Sheep and SIL Sheep (who bakes chocolate cakes with multiple layers and topped with nuts in case I have never mentioned that fact).  We came together in order that we might celebrate the birth of one Daddy Sheep.  We are most grateful for this birth because:

1.  Without a Daddy Sheep, there would be no me and then what would I do with all those cute shoes I bought?

2.  He is a very good Dad who selects and puts together spinning wheels.  

3.  When he has a birthday, we get to have the aforementioned cake.

Go ahead and wish him a Happy One if you want.  He reads the comments, you know.  Apparently, the overwhelming need to check out with whom your daughter is hanging doesn't go away once she reaches adulthood.  (and then some...)  Plus, as I mentioned, he happens to be a rather fine example of a Dad.  He even lets you take home some cake after his party.

But you can see how the more fibery aspects of my day might have been neglected.  However, as I mentioned, I did not forget the purpose of my blog.  (This time, anyway...)  Here are a few of the things that have gone on over the weekend:

I started spinning a merino fleece that has been resting comfortably in the stash for a while.

I'll explain more about this project as I go along.  Suffice it to say that it is not going to be the most stunning yarn at first.  When faced with the choice of further carding (which it needed) and instant gratification with a less polished single as a result, I took the latter route.  Every once in a while, I like to do something that has a more homespun feel to it.  Trust me.  You will like it when it's all knit up.  Until then, I will understand if you are thinking that I have lost my mind, not to mention my ability to spin.

I finished plying some very, very colorful yarn:

It's still hanging up to dry and all that...but you get the idea.

Were it not for the timely intervention of bloggy friends, I would probably have skein upon skien of yarns in naught but browns and blues.  Thankfully, there are those who gift me with fibers that challenge my tentative sense of color and the result always makes me very, very happy.  And on a day like today, with temperatures well below freezing, some nice warm colors feel rather nice.  I love, love, love this yarn!!!!

Lastly, I remembered to snap an Obligatory Cat Picture.  I know that this is important since my roommates do not care for being ignored.  I may have mentioned the freezing temps.  We do not wish to alienate those with fluffy furs and ample belly fat for added warmth come bedtime.

I'm not naming names or calling anyone fat...I'm just saying that there are those around here who have reached a certain level of "acceptance" regarding body image.

There.  Cake, cats, projects of a spinning nature...I think I've covered everything.  Planning ahead is always a very good thing.  It also helps immensely when you happen to have been in a Birthday Cake-Induced Coma since about 1:00 and still don't have a darned thing ready for tomorrow morning's start to the work week.

But I do have leftover cake.  At least breakfast is covered.  Again with the planning ahead...



Bridget said...

You had me at cake.

Happy Birthday, Daddy Sheep - and many more!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sir Ram! Any of that cake left, Sheepie? I could use a little sweetness after my protein and carbo dinner.

Knitting Linguist said...

Happy birthday, Daddy Sheep!

Cake for breakfast... mmm.... Congratulations on the whole planning ahead thing -- it seems to have worked perfectly.

PICAdrienne said...

Happy Birthday Daddy Sheep.

wakedies as a verification word...uh, sounds like the zombies are near your blog.

Kath said...

I love the panda cam too, but somehow screen captures are just never the same. I think maybe the cuteness factor increases exponentially with movement?

Hope you had a happy day, Daddy Sheep!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday, Papa Sheep!

punkin said...

Happy Birthday, Daddy Sheep!

Mizzle said...

Happy Birthday, Daddy Sheep!

SIL sheep just gets better and better... why don't *I* have a SIL who bakes awesome cakes?

I guess that's why I always wanted to have a brother... :)

ds/dad/rad/ff said...

Thank you one and all!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Daddy Sheep!

That's some pretty pink yarn you've got there, Sheepie.

Cake for breakfast is the perfect way to begin a workweek (will you use the fine china?)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Daddy Sheep!!
The cake sounds divine.
The yarn you spun is lovely.

Mia said...

Oh my, that pink yarn is nicely spun.. but boy is it bright! And as for the "rough" spin.. I actually like that when the yarn has little nubbins in it! Makes it look more authentic :)

And as for Daddy Sheep

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Daddy Sheep
Happy Birthday to you.

And just so ya know - your little girl sheepie is one great kid :)

trek said...

Happy B-Day, Daddy Sheep!

Hey, Sheepie, know what we call leftover pie around here: Vermont breakfast. But now having a Neatnik means that Vermont breakfast isn't a regular sort of thing. One must set the good example and all of that.

Donna Lee said...

Birthday cake for Breakfast! Yay. I always make sure there is a large cake (even if there are only a few of us) so that there is breakfast cake.

So, Happy Birthday Daddy Sheep! Anyone who can assemble a wheel is alright in my book.

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Daddy Sheep! Hope that your day is awesome!

Thank you for producing a very cool daughter Sheep for us to enjoy.

=Tamar said...

Cake and pie for breakfast are very healthy, just ask Bill Cosby. Eggs, flour, butter, sugar = pancakes. Pie adds the serving of fruit.
Belated Happy Birthday to Daddy Sheep.

crzjane said...

Hope your Dad had a very Happy Birthday.

Beth said...

Happy belated birthday, Daddy Sheep!

Ronni said...

A very belated happy birthday to Daddy Sheep. I'm finally catching up on the blog reading I had to give up for a while. Stupid real life.