Monday, May 21, 2007

Thinking It Through...

You know...something occurred to me yesterday. I'd spent the entire weekend (and then some) spinning because of the fun, but judgement impairing prescription cough medicine. I can spin without really thinking too much. Knitting seemed like a bad idea. You know, what with the counting and keeping all the stitches on the needles and everything. It seemed like a responsible decision.

Upon reflection, though, it occurred to me that the second of the sweet, striped little sockies already had a number of errors to its name. The heel is sloppy. There is a weird rogue thread dangling around in there somewhere and I can't for the life of me figure out from whence it came. It seems attached on two ends...did I drop a stitch? If so, why do I have the right number of stitches? And the gauge is off by more than a smidgen. Which makes the fact that I knit the cuff longer than I usually do exceptionally tragic. These are not socks that will ever fall down. These are socks that may result in the amputation of my feet following the loss of circulation below mid-calf.

But, I matched the stripe pattern so we are ignoring these little issues...

At any rate, if these errors could be made while I was in full possession of all sock related faculties, why was I not just taking up the needles and knitting away? It's not like anything else could go wrong. And you know what? I breezed past the gussets and into the foot with nary an issue. Figures. I wasted a whole weekend of sock knitting time. Or did I?

I actually made great progress on the spinning. I had so many nice comments on the spindling results from yesterday and wish I could take full credit. This is, however, another one of those times where the fiber really makes the yarn. And I didn't even pick it out. No...this came to me as part of Cathy's little care package of fun fiber samples. The lady has taste! There was really very little I could have done to make it un-pretty. It is so soft and sparkly and has been just a joy to spin.

Before I sign off the for evening and return to the socks and spindle, I wanted to let my two original (and imaginary) spokespeople for my Relay For Life Sponsorship Drive give a little update on where we are with prizes that are available for the winning should you happen to be the lucky name drawn from the folks who donate to my pledge site. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you....Hysterical Mind and Rational Mind!

Hysterical Mind: (jumping up and down and wriggling a little bit) Omigod, omigod, omigod!!!!!!!

Rational Mind: What are you doing?

HM: C'mere, c'mere, c'emere!!!!!!!! You won't believe this....c'mere!!!! Now!!!!! Here!!!

RM: Hold on, hold on. I just need to finish getting our lunch ready for tomorrow. Honestly, if I left it up to you we'd be eating ice cubes and plastic wrap for lunch every day.

HM: (trembling just a bit at this point and grinning maniacally) NO! Come. Here. Now!!! You gotta see, gotta see, gotta see!!!! This is so freakin' awesome!! It's soooooo cool. C'mere, c'mere, c'mere....uh oh.

RM: What?

HM: I think I just peed a little bit. No,'s ok. But you gotta see this! Lookit what Susan sent us for two more prizes in our drawing!!! See? See? See? Remember when we told her about how were giving away one of her gift certificates as a prize??? Lookit what she sent!!! LOOK, I SAID!!!!!!

RM: Wow. Double wow. I may have just peed a little bit, myself. Those are beautiful! Should we show the nice people?

HM: No. I want one. Just show them one. I'm keeping the other one.

RM: No, you are not. Show the people the two new prizes. Two. Not one. Two. You can't keep one. These are prizes that people might win if we draw their names from the list of sponsors. This is how we are going to cure cancer.

HM: Oh, yeah. The cancer...we hate cancer. OK. But, can I have a milkshake tonight?

RM: Yes. Yes you may. You just need to go use the bathroom first. You take care of that and I'll show the nice new prizes:

Soooooo pretty!!!!!!! And one of them could be yours!



Anonymous said...

As long as the stripes are matchy on the sweet, striped little sockies, none of the other issues matter one little bit! Except maybe the amputation of the feet; that would not be very good.

Mel said...

Oh, that Julie is just being a glass half empty person. If your feet have to be amputated, then matching socks will cease to be an issue. And you can get some of those metal spring prosthetics for outrunning zombies.

April said...

Oooo, pretty picture. Oooo, pretty prize. Oooo, MINE!

kmkat said...

Lovely prizes! Shawl pins, I believe?

That dangling yarn that is attached at both ends might be where you dropped a stitch or three, then picked them up in the row below the correct row. Ask me how I know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the minor sock issues. I'm sure they'll be fine. Socks stretch! I can't wait to see the matching stripes.

trek said...

Asked in a thoughtful voice:
How come Hysterical Mind always gets top billing?

We likes matching stripes.

Cursing Mama said...

*blinks eyes*
stripes are supposed to match?!?

-just kidding my stripes match, sorta ;)

Socks will stretch a touch when worn right - so you won't be a one legged sheep....

Anonymous said...

Crappy socks have been known to cause a food amputation or two. But I haven't heard of it causing hoof amputations, so I think you're safe.