Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gimme Space!!!!

There is an imminent disaster waiting in the wings over here at Sheepie's House Of Unfinished Projects and Monkey Pox. And, when it finally comes to pass, I am going to look like the bad guy. There will be great outcries on behalf of the injured party or parties and I will be painted in the blackest shades of black. But, I'm stating clearly and for the record here that I am doing my best to avoid the tragedy. However, I am in my early forties and not nearly so limber or quick of reflexes as I used to was. There may be no getting around it.

For the past week, no matter where I want to place a foot, there seems to be a cat already occupying the space. They may not have been there a nanosecond prior to my arrival. But one or both of them will be there by the time my cute, strappy sandal hits the carpet. I swear to you, I half expect to see my feline roommates when I'm shopping at the grocery store. (In my mind's eye, they are pushing a tiny, little cart filled with Meow Mix and salmon fillets...and talking about me.) To date, I have not stepped on anyone. But that has been more due to luck than skill on any of our parts. Any day now, we will have a bruised paw. Or I will tumble ignominiously to the floor after some comical ballet involving my balancing precariously on one hoof while trying to find a clear space to put the other. This shouldn't be all that hard, but at least one of the felines is easily panicked and tends to move from safe spot to safe spot, thereby preventing me from returning to the security of a two-footed stance.

Like I's only a matter of time.

I've been home a bit more lately and I guess we're all just getting in each other's space. But summer vacation is fast approaching and, if we don't work out who belongs where sometime soon, I think we may have some problems. I simply fail to see how, once I am home on a daily basis for a couple of months, we can manage to continue in our uninjured states.

I just wanted to get that on the record. I am doing my best. Please don't hold me in utter disdain when the one fluffy kitty or another is boo-hooing over her smooshed paw. I'm going to feel badly enough...

Frankly, it has seemed safer to find an acceptable activity and just stay put for as long as possible. Having finished the second of the Sweet, Stripey Socks, I decided to park myself behind the wheel and make some serious progress on the Rambouillet from Wooly Wonka. And, once forced to attend to the task for an extended period, I managed to spin the first half.

The Results Of Enforced Sitting.
Just to be on the safe side, I also started The Socks Of Summer. Being mildly incapacitated with the Monkey Pox/Pneumonia at the moment (but improving rapidly, thanks!) I opted to go for the comfort knitting and subject you all to yet another pair of boring stockinette socks. But, the yarn is really cool and was dyed by none other than the famous Samurai Knitter herself.

Let its sheer beauty entertain you in order that you might be less bored by my uninspired knitting.
I promise to do something with a bit more "oomph" once school is out for the year, 'kay? Right now, I just need something mindless and instant in the gratification department. Something I can't screw up too badly...
'Cuz if I throw it across the room I'll have to go and get it. And I will step on a cat.


Anonymous said...

You are aware, of course, that it is the life's mission of all kitties to trip their human when they least expect it. Try getting around the house with 9 of those evil creatures, I mean lovely kitties trying to get you!

I'm glad to hear you are starting to feel better; hopefully you'll be fully recovered in time for the start of summer vacation :)

trek said...

Mrow! There, a kitty paw trod upon. Now you are safe to trot about Casa de Sheepie in comfort once more.

Beth said...

Your sock looks great already - love the colors! I understand what's going on with the kitties - I feel like I'm always dancing around my dog.

Ronni said...

That's a very pretty new sock. Dogs are the same way. My newest one has decided it is amusing to lie down right behind me. Especially if I am in the kitchen, where a lot of backing away from the range and/or sink used to happen. I'm learning to look first finally.

And your lazy kate looks just like mine. Would it be a Jensen wheel you have by any chance?

April said...

Are you trying to copy poor Paula Abdul who tripped over her dog last week and broke her nose? Paula's nose, not the dogs. Be careful, Sheepie!

Teri S. said...

The Rambouillet looks great! I love how the different colors all blend together and can't wait to see how it looks plied.

It does seem like a cat's mission in life is to trip up its human. Emma used to lie tucked under the bottom step, greatly increasing the risk of an cat avoidance injury. Fortunately, she's stopped that little practice.

kmkat said...

There are a couple of bottlenecks in the traffic pattern of our house due to ongoing and long-unfinished construction projects. Guess where the 2 dogs (50 and 80 pounds, respectively) like to congregate, wagging their tails behind them? And if they are not there, they are one or both lying at the top of the stairs, all the better to keep an eye on the front door.